Join the Day of Action for Working People

  • Join the Day of Action. On Saturday, February 24, working people across the country will join together in rallies to celebrate and protect our right to stand together and fight for our freedom. We need you to join us in the streets. Find an event near you!
  • The truth about the Janus case. In the Atlantic, Garrett Epps lays out why the arguments put forth by big money and corporate CEOs in the Janus case are flat out wrong. Even conservative legal scholars have filed briefs explaining why the side of working people should prevail.
  • The recovery continues. In Puerto Rico, power outages are still the norm. Communities still struggle to fulfill basic needs. But members of AFSCME Council 95 go to work on the island day in and day out despite the tremendous challenges they face. And across the country, AFSCME members are stepping up to help.
  • Young workers are stepping up. Union membership across the nation grew last year, bucking the trend of declining membership. The catalyst for this change? Young people, who are defying expectations and joining unions in record numbers. One analysis showed that 76 percent of new union members are workers under the age of 35.
  • If it quacks like a duck … President Donald Trump announced his “infrastructure plan” recently, only it isn’t an infrastructure plan at all. Instead, it’s a privatization plan that would sell off our nation’s assets to the very people who are rigging the system against working people. And when they need to squeeze profits out of our roads, bridges, water systems and more, it’s working people who will pay every time.