Ad Company Helping Black Newspapers Survive and Thrive

Admodx on a mission to help black newspapers survive and thrive

 New advertising media company gives Black Newspapers their own vehicle to make money online with ads that look better… do more… and cost less for community businesses. 

Roderick Harris, founder of AdmodX

Nationwide ( – Launched in February, AdModX ( can be an x-factor for Black Newspapers. It lets them sell and show ads unlike any they’ve sold before splashy little info-clips available on Black News sites and shared across social media. Black Newspapers co-opt AdModX to generate more revenue online.

“AdModX was built with three objectives,” explained President and CEO Roderick Harris, “create cutting-edge solutions exclusively for Black Newspapers, develop a model that actually makes the papers money, and keep out-of-pocket costs for the papers at $0.” Put simply, “Black Newspapers can offer their own unique brand of advertising without the worry of incurring any costs.”

AdModX benefits both Black Newspapers and the businesses in their community. Black Newspapers get a versatile advertising gateway where the community comes to see, share, and buy ads previously unavailable. Meanwhile, community businesses enjoy advertising that’s just better. Ads look better, incorporating attention-grabbing action and movement; they perform better, maximizing reach and exposure via social media sharing; and they sell better, costing less than conventional ads but with way more functional value. The ads are all about driving online traffic… to community business sites through built-in links, and to hosting Black News sites through their clickable logo on every ad they sell.

Unlike most other online ads, AdModX ads are not sold on CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click) based rates. Instead, community businesses buy ads for a flat fee through the setup AdModX provides Black Newspapers. The actual ad buy is transacted through AdModX’s e-commerce provider. A flat fee works better for all involved; community businesses know exactly how much they’ll pay for ads, and papers can better project potential gains.

Black Newspapers get set up, free of charge, with their own Ad Display Page and Ad Buy Page. Papers connect both pages to their site with a simple link. Once connected, papers pay a monthly fee, but only during months they sell ads. That way, there’s no out-of-pocket cost since a portion of just one ad sell covers the month’s entire fee. Buying ads takes only a few minutes without any special knowledge or skills whatsoever. Besides, AdModX walks community businesses through the whole transaction.

Ads run for 30 days, starting the 1st of each month, providing exposure for three specific ad-buyer profiles; 1) people promoting themselves and their business, 2) those promoting a house thats for sale, and 3) anyone promoting an upcoming event. All of them exploit the inherent ease ads can be shared across social media for maximum exposure; far beyond the Black News sites they start off on.

Harris added: “In our community, Black Newspapers have a pivotal voice in bringing truth to power… and we must embrace a shared responsibility in making sure “that voice” continues being heard.”

AdModX envisions becoming a part of every major Black Newspaper by the end of this year. Once papers understand that cost-free is real, and community businesses see that ads can do so much more for less; demand for AdModX will grow and Black News will have its x-factor.
About AdModX
Based in Columbus, OH, AdModX is a forward-looking advertising media company for Black Newspapers; started by Roderick Harris, a 20+ year newspaper professional and internet entrepreneur. The company offers a new brand of advertising that changes the game for Black Newspapers. For more details, visit


Photo Caption: Roderick Harris, President and CEO of AdModX