Logan Square Residents Protest Gentrification Dinner Attended by 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno

Logan Square residents and community members will hold a press conference and protest tonight at a Gentrification Dinner to be attended by 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno because of Moreno’s “continued approval of luxury developments and support of real estate…”


The press conference and protest will take place tonight at 2143 N. Stave Street (a private residency), February 15th at 7 p.m.


Organizers of the protest said First Ward Alderman Moreno’s continued approval of luxury developments and support of real estate speculation are directly responsible for skyrocketing rent, property taxes and the ever-increasing displacement of Latino residents in Logan Square. “Even when Alderman Moreno publicly stated he would block the development of a 138 unit luxury development on California Avenue, a move that would protect long time residents like the Chavez family at 2340 N California, Alderman Moreno backed down and will not downzone the project.


“Instead, he is opting to appear tonight at a $50 a plate “Gentrification Dinner” in Logan Square held in a private, multi-million dollar home.”


Dan Mihalopoulos brought this dinner to light in a scathing column published in the Chicago Sun Times on January 24:


“[Alderman Moreno’s] upcoming appearance at a $50-a-plate ‘Discussion of Gentrification with Ald. Joe Moreno’ won’t quiet criticism that he’s spurring on the displacement of working-class families.


“Guests will have an opportunity to speak with Ald. Moreno and ask how his policies and initiatives have helped shape the ward,’ according to an online invitation for the ‘Community Dining’ event on Feb. 15…


‘This is a joke, isn’t it?’ said Justine Bayod Espoz, an anti-gentrification activist with the Somos Logan Square nonprofit group. ‘Charging $50 a plate for a gentrification dinner? Can you see why this is baffling? If you ask people to pay $50 a plate, all you’re going to hear is pro-gentrification stuff.’


Moreno says he’s looking forward to it….


Bayod Espoz and other activists from Somos Logan Square were not invited to the community event. I told them about it.


Moreno told me they are ‘idiots’ who don’t understand the issues.


‘I don’t consider those folks really legitimate actors,’ Moreno says. ‘They’re a Facebook group.’”


For the complete article, please visit: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/mihalopoulos-moreno-stirs-pot-with-gentrification-dinner-tab/


In response to the disparaging remarks made about conscientious constituents and the $50 price tag attached to having a seat at Alderman Moreno’s table, Logan Square residents will be picketing this Gentrification Dinner with community members demanding their right to be heard and speaking about their personal experiences with gentrification.


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