Rep. Harper to Fight for Business Reforms as New Vice Chair of House Committee on Business Incentives for Local Communities


SPRINGFIELD, IL – As the new Vice-Chair of the House Business Incentives for Local Communities Committee, state Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, will advocate for job creating policies, support environmentally friendly legislation and fight for real reforms to Illinois’s criminal justice system.


“I am honored to be sitting on the House Business Incentives for Local Communities Committee and fighting for the interests that are important to my constituents, like stable, middle-class jobs, a hike in the minimum wage and tax relief,” said Harper. “I will also pursue tax relief for medium and small sized business, so that they can compete with large corporations. I support policies that expand access and opportunity to those people that need the most assistance.”


As a member of the Appropriations: General Services Committee, Harper will analyze state expenditures and look for ways to prioritize spending. Harper is also a member House Environment and the House Agriculture and Conservation committees, which will oversee proposals that affect environmental policy in Illinois. She will work on legislation that aims to support the further development of urban agriculture to ensure that city residents have access to adequate farmers’ markets, grocery stores and healthy food suppliers.


“I will also be sitting on the House Elementary and Secondary Education: School Curriculum and Restorative Justice Committees,” added Harper. “I have seen our schools close and continued unfair and biased treatment towards the students of my district. I still see unfair treatment towards people who have paid their debt to society and not receive the respect they’ve earned. And I’ve seen access to quality food diminish which has led to high rates of preventable diet related diseases among certain populations in my district and throughout the state. As a voice for students, those hurt by our justice system and people who deserve to live in green and healthy communities, I’ll fight every day to establish better policies and reforms that adequately address these issues.”