Congressman Maxine Waters Announces her Endorsement for Lorna M. Johnson for DNC Vice-Chair


WASHINGTON, DC – California Congresswoman Maxine Waters announced her support for business woman, philanthropist and political organizer, Lorna Johnson in her pursuit to become a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

For many years, Lorna Johnson has supported the Democratic Party as a compassionate advocate and effective fundraiser. With more than 15 years’ experience as a political organizer and philanthropist, she has served tirelessly as a member of the National Advisory Board and National Finance Committee since 2008. Over the past 8 years she has been touted as a strong political advocate in the democratic party raising millions both domestically and internationally to support the party’s causes.

A proud American of Jamaican-Cuban decent and a successful business owner in the real estate and healthcare industries, Johnson has also been a devout champion for the less fortunate. In 1999, as part of her “Education and Advocacy” platform she launched the Compassion for Teen Life Foundation. Recognized for her commitment and strong leadership, she was selected to collaborate with Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, to successfully launch his Building Community Foundation campaign in Jamaica.

US House Representative Maxine Waters applauded Lorna for her decision to run for one of the available slots as DNC Vice-Chair, “Lorna is a champion for the underserved and has raised millions of dollors for the deomoctratic party. Her tireless and amazing philanthropic work, as well as her dedication to providing health resources and education to the underserved, is exemplary!”

Humbled by Waters’ support, Lorna Johnson is poised to begin a successful campaign to build a more diverse and healthier Democratic Party as vice chair for the DNC.

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