Cook County Board Alters Consent Calendar Schedule

Beginning next week, the Cook County Board of Commissioners will consider its consent calendar on days other than those on which regular Board meetings take place.

Commissioners last year voted in favor of the change to streamline the processes for both the consent calendar and for regular Board business. At some meetings, the length of time spent considering some consent calendar items – such as honorary resolutions – contributed to delaying the regular Board agenda, including public participation, by up to two hours.

Beginning next Tuesday, the consent calendar meeting will be held as a standing County Board Meeting at 9 a.m. on those days when the Forest Preserve Board holds its regular meeting in the County Board Room. This is scheduled to happen on January 17, February 7, April 11, June 6, September 12, October 10, November 14 and December 12.

The March, May and July Forest Preserve Board meetings are held offsite, away from the County Building. If it is determined that a consent calendar meeting is required in those months, a special Board meeting will be required.

The intent of this meeting is to replace in its entirety the consent calendar portion of the Wednesday meeting. Consent calendar items will no longer appear on the Wednesday County Board agendas.