State Senator Trotter Votes to Override Automatic Voter Registration Veto


“Improving access to the ballot box is healthy for democracy.”  –State Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago)



SPRINGFIELD, IL – Members of the Illinois Senate voted Tuesday to override the governor’s veto of legislation that would make it easier for Illinois residents to register to vote. According to a report from the internet site WalletHub, Illinois ranks first in the country in voter access policies.


The legislation provided that people renewing their driver’s licenses would be signed up to vote automatically, unless they requested not to. Currently, people renewing their licenses have to opt into voter registration when at the DMV.


Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) sponsored the legislation while it was in the Senate, where it passed with a bipartisan majority of 50-7.


“Improving access to the ballot box is healthy for democracy,” Trotter said. “This measure not only makes it easier to vote, but it also cuts down on bureaucracy.”


The governor’s veto was overridden by a vote of 38-18. The provisions of the law will be implemented by January 1, 2018.