Use Your Voice, Get Out the Vote on Tuesday

By Marc H. Morial
President & CEO, National Urban League
Report Voter Intimidation and Deception to 866-OUR-VOTE

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlawed racially-motivated voter suppression measures like literacy tests and poll taxes, but that didn’t necessarily clear the way for Black citizens to vote without obstruction.  Deceptive election practices and voter intimidation have become widespread, and are disproportionately targeted to people of color and other vulnerable voting populations.

Some recent examples of voter intimidation and deceptive practices include:

  • Voters being threatened with arrest at their polling station if they have unpaid child support or unpaid parking tickets.
  • Misleading robocalls to African-Americans in Maryland stating that there was no need to go vote because “our goals have been met”.
  • Fliers in Ohio and Virginia telling voters that Republicans vote on the actual election day while Democrats vote the day after.
  • Challenges to African-American voters in Philadelphia by men carrying clipboards who drove a fleet of sedans with signs that looked like law enforcement insignia.

Voters concerned that they are being targeted by deceptive election practices should alert local authorities and immediately contact 866-OUR-VOTE.