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By Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey

Founder and President, Probation


Mr. Donald Trump the Republican presidential candidate, continues to express his inner feeling regarding these African American and Hispanic youth… saying that he still believes them to be guilty! 

Mr. Donald Trump, the 2016, Republican presidential candidate, caused a stir regarding a statement made on “The Central Park Five”, five former New York City teens, four black and one Latino, who in 1989, were falsely accused of gang-raping a white woman jogging in Central Park.  However, this miss-carriage of justice has altered the lives of five people and their families. It also appears that not many portions of mainstream press continue to press Donald Trump in what has now faded into political darkness.

At the height of what might been a matter halted between the courts and the world-courts of opinions, Trump took out several full-page ads in major New York newspapers which in large print read, “Bring back the death penalty! Bring back our police!”

The falsely accused youth convictions were vacated in 2002, when the real culprit, Matias Reyes, confessed to the attack while serving time for multiple murders; DNA collected at the scene proved a match. At this point all five are now grown men and have served their sentences, ranging from seven to 13 years.

It appeared then as now, that Donald Trump’s sentiments toward African Americans and Hispanics remains the same after twenty-seven long-years! Trump the Republican front contender for the white house, continues to express his inner feeling regarding these youth… saying that he still believes them to be guilty!  He told a prominent news station, “They admitted they were guilty. The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty. The fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. And the woman, so badly injured, will never be the same.” Trump, has yet to truly apologize for much of anything!

Noted filmmaker Ken Burns along with his daughter Sarah Burns made a film called: The Central Park Five, which helped to clear the names of all involved. Their action in turn led the city of New York in 2014 to settle a lawsuit filed against it by the men in 2003, awarding them $41 million.

As blacks are historically subjected everyday to being coerced and forced into admission of guilt…little has changed! These youth were lied on and were also lied to when told that if they implicated someone else they would be able to go home. When they finally did, at their parents’ urging, they not only did not go home, they went to jail for between seven and 13 years.

It is reported that each of their “confessions” had the absence of the sixth person — whose DNA was the only DNA found at the scene.

As the eldest, Korey Wise, sat in jail at a maximum security prison, this sociopathic murderer named Matias Reyes, who because of police incompetence went on to murder other people that very same year — a woman and her unborn child, as well as rape other women — he did confess! His DNA matched the DNA, 13 years old, that they had been sitting on unable to match with anyone else. None of the boys’ statements suggested that there was anyone else at the scene of the crime.

What did Trump do back in 1989 to turn public opinion against these five boys?

At the time, Donald Trump took out full-page ads in all of the New York dailies. These daily newspapers included Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post and the Daily News … asking them all to bring back the death penalty.  And, with implicit threats of “Second Amendment remedies” he was essentially asking for these boys who were innocent to be executed!  And today, knowing that he was wrong he continues to hold to this complete fabrication! The public should not forget Donald Trump at the polls!  Check the record!

Many Republicans are finding themselves in a quandary following the release of a video in which Donald Trump makes inappropriate remarks about women. Trump is trying to allow his dollars to form a negative impression within the public’s rank that helps in his campaign.

Spiritually speaking I ask a question: If you have determined that evil has invaded your political home/camp, would you allow it to fester and digest the entire body?  If your right-hand offends you the scripture says to – cut it off!  Would or should Christians voters separate from the very appearance of evil as the word of God has suggested?  Again, the bible says ‘It is better to obey God rather than man’.

Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence suggest that he is proud to be with Trump.  Pence, a stated believer in Christ should take note that the scripture clearly says that the believer should avoid the very appearance of evil! Without question there is no fellowship with unbelievers … and… the scriptures declare: How can two walk together unless they agree! Question: Do they (Trump and Pence) agree to disagree?

Voters should remember that it is the same Donald Trump; on most subject matters has a negative history trailing.  Check the record.

After much fuss over immigrants and other crucial issues, it is reported that Trump’s strong views against immigrants contradict his family history! His father’s parents moved to the United States from Kallstadt, Germany in 1885. Trump lied for many years that they originated from Sweden, because he had many Jewish business partners and “it wasn’t a good thing to be German”.  Check the record.

The man running for the highest seat in the land, has over and over again been proven to be a bare-faced lair … and one not to be trusted with the lives of anyone—especially African Americans and Hispanics… Check the record!  After a close examines of the records your vote should now be a matter of having an honorable intent.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder and President, Probation Challenge

Contact: 773-978-3706.



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