Madigan Responds to Gonzales’ Lawsuit

CHICAGO, IL Statement from Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan following the lawsuit filed Monday by Jason Gonzales:
“Jason Gonzales cannot be trusted and his lawsuit is without merit. According to Gonzales’ own court filing today, his criminal activity “resulted in several arrests, criminal charges, and felony and misdemeanor convictions.” Further, in an interview with FOX 32 News political editor Mike Flannery on March 4, 2016, Gonzales admitted to being a convicted felon. Additionally, many times during the campaign, Gonzales made statements about his criminal past. Gonzales’ losing campaign against me last spring was funded with more than $1 million from supporters and allies of Governor Bruce Rauner. Voters of my district soundly renominated me based on my strong record of service, giving me more than 65 percent of the vote, and they emphatically rejected Jason Gonzales because they knew he couldn’t be trusted.”