Paul O’Neal was “Executed” by Chicago Police

Statement on the police “execution” of Paul O’Neal, 17 years old

By Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression


Last week’s CPD execution of another Black teenager shows that Chicago cops remain out of control and have no respect for Black Lives. Unarmed Paul O’Neal was shot multiple times in the back. This happened despite an active Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation of the CPD. Although Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson suspended the three UNNAMED officers involved, with pay, everyone knows that a CPD officer’s suspension means no more than a ‘paid vacation from the streets.’ CPD’s killer cops are never charged and are unleashed back into the Black community.

Now the notorious IPRA investigation has begun. Such investigations have proven to be ineffective in holding police accountable for killing Black people in Chicago. The people have no expectation of justice or fairness from Chicago’s system of mayor-appointed ‘oversight’ (i.e. cover-up) of racist police murders. IPRA, the Police Board and the CPD Internal Affairs Division all work to exonerate police, no matter what crimes they commit.

The people will no longer be bamboozled by the schemes of Rahm Emanuel and his handpicked minions. We know we will have no hope for justice and fairness until we establish community control of the police through an all-elected civilian police accountability council — CPAC!

In the memory of Paul O’Neal, LaQuan McDonald, Rekia Boyd, Flint Farmer, Ronnieman Johnson, and all the 130 people murdered by Chicago police in the past few years we call on the people to renew and deepen the struggle for community control of the police – for CPAC.

Demand that the DOJ immediately investigate, charge and prosecute the three UNNAMED police officers who executed Paul O’Neal.

Demand that your Alderperson support the ordinance creating CPAC that’s presently before the City Council’s Public Safety Committee.

Demand that Alderman Ed Burke’s so-called “Blue Lives Matter” ordinance be thrown out of City Council for what it is – an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement – immediately!

“We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it happens” – Ella Baker

In Solidarity,

Frank Chapman, Field OrganizerTed Pearson, Co-Chairperson


For more information, contact Frank Chapman, 312-513-3795, or Ted Pearson, 312-927-2689