Lyrics to my Soul: Abuse Victim’s Raw, Soul-Spilling New Book Proves Boundless Healing Power of Music. Hailed “Very Inspirational” by Critics

Sheena Carter’s ‘Lyrics to my soul: Sometimes the Only Comfort the Soul Can Find is Through Music’ takes readers deep into the life of the author, as she runs away from an abusive marriage, realizes just how deep her scars actually ran – and into the discovery that music is the only thing that can ease her pain. Spreading a powerful message to at-risk women around the world, Carter’s story is profoundly uplifting.
Bradenton, FL – For thousands of years, music has held the power to move people, inspire them and ultimately change their lives. It’s a powerful tonic that has become somewhat forgotten in the modern world, yet something still helping millions remember that hope can be found in the darkest of corners.
Florida’s Sheena Carter knows this first hand, using music to turn her life from an endless spiral of abuse into a victorious and triumphant existence that gets more prosperous by the day. For the first time, Carter is now taking her story public.
It comes in the form of ‘Lyrics to my Soul’, a most unlikely yet life-changing memoir.

After leaving an abusive marriage, I thought things would get better. Unfortunately, my journey down this dark road wasn’t over. While I was able to get away from the abuse, the scars were deeper than I thought. The only thing that helped ease my mind was music. When I finally decided that I deserved a better life, amazing things started to happen. I hope to inspire others with my experiences and share these life lessons:

• Don’t Allow Others to Set Your Value.

• Life CAN Change Dramatically in a Short Period of Time.

• You Deserve to Be Happy Now!

Since its release, readers and critics have come out in their droves with overwhelmingly positive reviews. For example, Penny comments, “This is a great book which describes a journey that many of us (women & men) have unfortunately gone through. What a brave young woman to open her heart and soul to tell her readers her very personal story. This should be a lesson to us all that there is hope and we can turn our lives around in a short period of time. Highly recommend this book!”
KJ adds, “I enjoyed reading this book not because it was a happy book for most of it, but because it shows that even in really dark times there is hope and it had a happy ending. Definitely recommend this book to someone who needs some hope that things can get better. I also liked the way the author tied in the songs as I can related to those songs too.”
Terri Vinovich writes, “A very inspirational book. And more so since I met Sheena several months ago and I can see how far she has come. Thanks for sharing your story!”
‘Lyrics to my Soul’, from Portable Empire Publishing, is available now:
For more information, visit the author’s official website:
About the Author:

Sheena lives on the Sun Coast of Florida and enjoys spending time with family and friends, relaxing on the beach, painting, and playing with her furbaby Josie. Recently she made one of her dreams come true by opening Sparkles Boutique (

Music has a powerful impact on Sheena and she looks to if for inspiration every day. She is committed to living a life filled with happiness, love, excitement, and adventure. It’s her goal to inspire others through her own personal experience, find happiness while establishing their own set of values through faith, and to never stop dreaming.