What (Else) is the Mayor Hiding?

From: Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression

The refusal of Mayor Rahm Emanuel to release Garry McCarthy’s emails in the period leading up to his firing is just another effort to hide his own complicity in the cover-up of the brutal police murder of Laquan McDonald.


But his maneuvers will backfire. They will simply add fuel to the fire that is burning in Chicago’s communities demanding community control of the police through passage of the ordinance creating an all-elected Civilian Police Accountability Council CPAC).


“We urge everyone to come to City Hall on June 22 at 8:30 am and be part of the protest against the Mayor’s empty ‘police reform’ proposals,” declared Frank Chapman, Field Organizer of the campaign to enact CPAC. “The mayor should resign and let the City Council get on with the people’s business of enacting real police accountability by passing the CPAC ordinance,” Chapman added.


Cook County Judge Kathleen Pantle ordered the city to turn over the emails to the Chicago Tribune yesterday, ruling in a freedom of information lawsuit filed by the paper.


In the lawsuit the Tribune charges that the city “employed a panoply of delay tactics” to “thwart public access to the McCarthy emails, which may shed light on matters of important public concern related to the firing of the city’s former Superintendent in the wake of the Laquan McDonald scandal.”

For more information contact: Frank Chapman, 312-513-3795
                                                      Ted Pearson, 312-927-2689.