Local Youth Activists Urge World Leaders to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Members of Global Zero Travel to Washington, D.C. as World Leaders Gather for Nuclear Security Summit

CHICAGO, IL — This week, Kylie Allen, a Chicago-based activist for the international Global Zero movement for a world without nuclear weapons, will travel to Washington, D.C, as world leaders gather for President Obama’s fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit, which seeks to prevent acts of nuclear terrorism by securing nuclear material.  Allen will be part of an international effort urging world leaders to eliminate nuclear weapons globally.

“Securing nuclear material is important, but there’s no such thing as ‘nuclear security’ while there are more than 15,000 nukes in the world. Eliminating these weapons must be at the top of the agenda,” said Kylie Allen, Global Zero activist.

Global Zero argues that any effort to increase nuclear security and prevent nuclear terrorism must also address nuclear weapons. Today, there are more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world, many of which are kept on “hair-trigger alert” and ready to launch instantly. They are vulnerable to theft, cyber attack, as well as accidental, mistaken or unauthorized launch. During the Summit, activists will urge participating world leaders to expand their approach to reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism by advancing actionable plans for the phased, verified elimination of all nuclear weapons globally.

While in DC, Global Zero activists will:

  • Host a large public demonstration featuring a life-sized, four-story nuclear weapon in downtown Washington, just minutes away from the Nuclear Security Summit.
  • Meet with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill to educate them on urgent threat posed by nuclear weapons. During these meetings, Global Zero activists will urge members to oppose President Obama’s proposed $1 trillion spending spree on a new generation of nuclear weapons and block plans for a new nuclear-tipped cruise missile in the upcoming FY-2017 budget.
  • Participate in four days of advocacy and campaign training, hear from elite issue experts, and get hands-on skills to use as they return home and build the Global Zero movement in their communities.

“As with the most powerful social movements in history, young people are turning out around the world to fight this fight. And they’re backed by a powerful group of political leaders and security experts who understand that the only way to prevent nuclear terrorism is to eliminate all nuclear weapons,” said former CIA counter-proliferation operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

“The use of even one nuclear weapon anywhere in the world would be a global humanitarian, environmental and economic catastrophe. We should not wait for such an event to happen – where casualties could number in the hundreds of thousands in the first few minutes – before we act urgently to eliminate them. If we’re serious about preventing this nightmare scenario, what we need now is a Nuclear Weapons Summit that brings the key countries together to discuss real plans to verifiably eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide,” said Global Zero executive director Derek Johnson.

Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons. It is led by more than 300 eminent world leaders and backed by half a million citizens worldwide. For more information, please visit www.globalzero.org.