The PCC Network Travels to Greenville, South Carolina

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Once again the PCC Network travels to Greenville, South Carolina, to tape a spiritual presentation of Pastor Lottie Woods Hall and The Intercessor Health and Healing Center.

Pastor Lottie Woods ventured into the civil-rights movement as a high school student and was jailed with Martin Luther King, Jr. She had the spiritual audacity to fight for civil-rights matters… then unseen … are seen today!


Rev. Harold E.Bailey, founder and president of Probation Challenge, said, “My sister in the Lord, has much to tell and the Network desire for the world to hear!  Hall is expected to have a word regarding ‘When hearing the voice of God … what’s your response?’ The PCC Network will be there to capture every word.


We invite the public to share in this experience. Perhaps a word may perhaps make a spiritual change not only to you – but the entire world. Enjoy!


‘The Intercessory Health and Healing Center’

Sunday, April 3, 2016 – 5:00 PM


Various guests to appear including:

Evangelist Cathy Woods Gray

Birmingham, Alabama



1298 Pendleton Street

Greenville, South Carolina

Contact: 864-420-1672


Photo: Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, The Intercessory Health and Healing Center