Working Families Fuel Likely Victory for Aquino and Progressive Candidates Across Cook County in Illinois Primary

CHICAGO, IL – Grassroots Illinois Action, an independent political organization for Chicago’s working families, released the following statement after the victory of Kim Foxx and likely victory of Omar Aquino in Tuesday’s Illinois Primary.

“Voters have sent a clear message to the city. They want strong public schools and elected officials that will keep the police accountable. This is a big win for our communities,” stated Grassroots Illinois Action member Lynda Lopez, a resident of West Humboldt Park.

Criminal justice issues defined the elections, and motivated many of the canvassers who worked hard on the doors. “I was passionate about volunteering for Kim Foxx because she has projects and ideas that will focus on rehabilitating at-risk youth, instead of just locking them up,” said GIA Brighton Park parent Maria Martinez.

“These election results show the power of organizing. Organizations like Assata’s Daughters, Blackroots Alliance, BYP 100, and others in the Black Lives Matter movement have shifted the electoral landscape. GIA members knocked on nearly 15,000 doors in just a few weeks, in the Humboldt Park and Brighton Park communities, resulting in a win for communities of color, working families, and all those who believe in a more just and equitable Chicago.”

Now that the primaries are over, GIA will continue to build the necessary year round political infrastructure to hold the recently elected politicians accountable to the families that elected them.