Stolen Lives Families Speak Out Over Denial of Permit for Public Event at the State of Illinois Building March 2

From: Stop Mass Incarceration Network – Chicago

A permit has been denied by the State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center for a public event for the Stolen Lives Families inside at the food court. This is part of a Day of Resistance, March 2, demanding justice for these families and calling on everyone to stand up to STOP POLICE MURDER and indict & convict all the murdering cops and those who covered up for them. This is a public space that will give the families whose loved ones were murdered by police the opportunity to dramatically bring to life the humanity of those whose lives were stolen by police through reading their names, testimony, art, and song.

We will not be pushed into conference rooms or places where the public cannot hear these families’ voices. We will draw on all the support for these Stolen Lives families across the city to demand that a permit be granted for the food court which is a public space and where other groups have been allowed to use.

This is a building where events have been held in public areas, for example “Cirque Dreams Holidaze”, a mini-performance with acrobats etc. was held in the food court in December 2014.  The denial of this inside permit at the food court is an attempt by the State and City officials to shut down and shut up any further public statements over the outrageous murders of Black and Latino people. It is a continuation and escalation of the exoneration and cover up of police murders that have made Chicago infamous.

IL Dept. of Central Management Services representative Jennifer Haley & Wilma Wilbon, Special Events Director, and 312-814-6676 have denied this permit.  These families should be given a permitted space indoors to demand justice on March 2.

Statement from Janet Cooksey

I am the mother of Quintonio LeGrier, the honor student at NIU who was murdered by Chicago police December 26th.  I am supporting this event because Chicago police has made it a part of their job to kill our youth and feel no one is going to be heard or do anything about it.

Chicagoans are tired of it.  We know as well as others that there is a problem in the Chicago Police Force.  Mental evaluation as well as training needs to be conducted monthly.

When I sit down and think about how many children I have cried over and now mine because of the officers that didn’t control situations but put growing children in body bags.  We must stop this.  Not another mother needs to feel what I am feeling. Chicago police officers shoot you then feel they can sue you.

Statement from Gloria Pinex:

I am f**king outraged at all the police murders that go on, especially my son Darius Pinex who has yet to get justice from this system.  If you are as outraged please join me March 2nd at the Thompson Center against police brutality.  I will be speaking.

Stop Police Murder!

Indict, Convict, Send the Killa Cops to Jail and all Those Who Lied and Covered Up for Them.

The Whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell.

Our demands are simple!

Stop Mass Incarceration Network – Chicago • (312) 933-9586

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