Comptroller Munger Meets With African American Advisory Board

Board discusses challenges facing small and minority-owned businesses


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger met with her African American Advisory Board at the James R. Thompson Center on Thursday and highlighted the importance of open communication between government and community leaders in these tough economic times.

In a successful first meeting, the Board made introductions and got right to business discussing the state’s financial situation. The group spoke about the effects of state payment delays and shared strategies for helping small and minority owned businesses thrive. Meetings will continue to be held to keep an ongoing dialogue.

A full list of the African American Advisory Board Members is available at

Photo Caption: Back Row: Michael Neal (President/CEO, MTN & Associates); Dwayne Hirsch (Executive Board Member, Small Business Advocacy Council); Abe Morgan (Chairman, Sinai Community Institute); State Representative Art Turner, Jr. (9th Congressional District – Illinois); Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger; Ron Barrett (Chief Operations Officer, TrinityTech Solutions); Jim Harbin (Program Manager, Englewood Community Development Corp.); Dave Turner (Chief Financial Officer, Eastlake Management); Glen Brooks (Area Coordinator, Chicago Police Dept.); Vince Bass (Dir. External Affairs, Illinois Comptroller). Front Row: Maze Jackson (Vice President, The Intelligence Group); Al Dinwiddie II (Sr. Vice President, Loop Capital Markets); Franz Mullings (Vice President, International Steel Services); Percy Dace (Executive Dir., Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois);Stephen Davis (Chairman, The Will Group); Otis Monroe, III (Chief ExecutiveOffice, The Monroe Foundation) Photo By Teresa Potasiak