Donna More ‘Distressed’ at County Democratic Party Political Tricks

By Chinta Strausberg

Democratic Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Donna More Wednesday said she is “distressed” about the Cook County Democratic Central Committee holding a meeting today to endorse her opponent, Kimberly Foxx ,when last year the committee agreed not to back anyone in that race.

More made her remarks during an interview with Harold Davis on WGBX 1970 AM. “They convened in August and they took what I thought was appropriate in a hotly contested race. They voted not to endorse, but now the powers to be are convening” today “to endorse Miss Foxx.”

“My issue with that is two-fold. Miss Foxx and everybody else want to say this isn’t about control of the office, but if it is not about control of the office, why are people fighting so darn hard to make sure they have control of the candidate who wins the office”?

Davis said he is disappointed with the Democratic Party. He pointed to that same committee again reconvening last year and voted to rescind its endorsement of Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court candidate Dorothy Brown, who has been in office for 16-years, and instead gave their backing to Ald. Michelle Harris (8th).

The committee did this after there was a story published about a FBI walking up to Brown and asking her for her cell phone. Brown has repeated said she’s done nothing wrong, but the committee took back its endorsement anyway.

More said, “The party is not trusting the voters to do the right thing. They are not empowering the voters and to me that is what the Democratic Party is all about empowering voters not to be the heavy hand…. It’s about empowering the voters to educate themselves and to vote.”

“It sounds to me like there must be a really important reason to control the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and to control the power of an indictment,” said More.

Davis said the biggest problem is that “people are not feeling Toni Preckwinkle….” Davis referred to a recently held toy giveaway and how he said Preckwinkle “looked the other and would not speak to Clerk Brown…. There were 200 people here. That’s bad taste and unbecoming of a president that you would act that way. They are turning people off….”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: