Temple of Judah Ministries Hosts Christmas at the Richmond City Jail for the 40th Year

Bishop Melvin Williams, Jr. will take a portion of his congregation to the Richmond City Jail to hold Christmas Day services

RICHMOND, Va. – Bishop Melvin Williams Jr. and Temple of Judah Ministries have been blessing men and women in institutions of confinement for the last 40 years. This year is no different. The Pastor and a number of his ministerial staff and congregation will hold holiday services on Christmas Day to a host of incarcerated men and women at the Richmond City Jail.


The ministry has also delivered about 1200 care packages to be distributed to those inmates on Christmas Eve, so that they can know that during the holiday season, they are not forgotten. At 9 am on December 25th, the church members will pray, sing songs and deliver a message of hope which is often so necessary during this season.

Bishop Williams is a 2011 Cum Laude graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Richmond’s Virginia Union University, and has served as Pastor to the Temple of Judah for the last 40 years. He is renowned as a man of the people and is adamant that the preached word of God must be applied outside of the church walls to our immediate community and beyond. A firm believer that we must do more than just go to church…we must become the church.

Temple of Judah Ministries is located in the heart of the city in historic Churchill at 2120 Venable Street. The mission of the Temple of Judah Ministries is to be Ambassadors; God’s assigned agents to bring healing, hope, help, and justice. With Evangelism, Christian Education, Discipleship, Worship, Stewardship, Fellowship, and Community Leadership as our primary aim, through ministries outreaching into the city of Richmond and surrounding community.

For more information go to www.templeofjudah.org or call 804-780-0841

Photo: Bishop Melvin Williams Jr.