Davis Funds Key Services for Domestic Violence Victims, Low-Income Residents and Emergency Services


SPRINGFIELD, IL – This week, state Rep. William Davis, D-Chicago, voted for legislation to fund heating assistance for low-income families, domestic violence prevention, community initiatives and charitable causes benefitted by the Illinois State Lottery, which have all been hurt by the lack of a state budget.

“The budget is about real people, including our friends, our families and our neighbors,” said Davis. “We have a responsibility to fight for middle-class families and struggling families, which is central to why I am honored to serve as the voice for our area. They are who we should be fighting for.”

Davis helped passed Senate Bill 2039, legislation that would pay for vital state assistance programs, such as the low-income energy assistance program, that helps people afford to heat their homes. This measure would also fund domestic violence grants for shelters and services, law enforcement and firefighter training to help keep our community safe, and for needed local road maintenance.

In light of World Aids Day, which was on Dec. 1, Davis supports AIDS/HIV prevention services throughout the state, which also gain funding from Senate Bill 2039 through proceeds of the Illinois State Lottery. The lottery money is used as grants for specials causes such as Sclerosis research, Breast Cancer services, Special Olympic Charities, Veteran Service and AIDS/HIV prevention, but has been withheld by the unresolved budget.

“This week, I helped our state take one step forward in helping our low-income families and protecting our communities,” said Davis. “I plan to focus on what’s important for my community and not lose sight of the work that still needs to be done to help those most in need.”

For more information, contact Davis’s constituent office at 708-799-7300.