U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Amara Enyia to Hold Joint Press Conference on Future of 7th District

CHICAGO, IL – U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Amara Enyia will hold a joint press conference to announce a new community leadership and talent development initiative for Chicago’s African American community.

The press conference will be held Sunday, Nov.15,  3:00 P.M., at the Northwest Austin Council, 5730 W. Division St., in Chicago.

“Many organizations train people to become politicians, but few teach the leadership and community bond required to become effective public servants,’’ said Enyia. “Communities, especially communities of color, require engaged members to be groomed for leadership in the public sector and beyond.’’


The program to be unveiled will address comprehensive leadership development that includes building stronger community relationships, understanding a wide spectrum of issues, studying policy and politics, and learning the best practices for issue advocacy. It will also establish a bridge between subject matter experts and elected officials to ensure elected officials are able to make independent decisions based on the latest data and research.


“I’m concerned about building better public servants and stronger advocates from our neighborhoods,” she said.


The program will be valuable to all members of the community, such as entrepreneurs, not just for those planning to work in the public sector. Learning how to best serve the values and needs of a community will help create businesses, jobs and many other opportunities.


Rep. Davis noted that he and Amara may be from different generations, but the two leaders share a vision for the future for our communities, a passion for public service, for the West Side and for all of Chicago, and for African American leadership. By creating an vehicle to share institutional and generational knowledge, he said, we can build a greater collective wisdom to serve the public interest.’’


“Hours of insightful, one-on-one conversations with the Congressman” led to his enthusiastic support for the initiative, which will launch with the support and endorsement of Davis’ office, Enyia said. “He was very receptive to the new ideas I discussed with him and his staff so there are a lot of opportunities to do some great things in partnership.’’


Davis said he is energized by new ideas he and his team discussed with Enyia about how the District can move forward. “She brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and talent to the table. She’s the kind of authentic leadership we need in our community.”


Enyia is a noted organizer on the West Side and around Chicago who heads the Austin Chamber of Commerce, is a former City Hall policy analyst, and currently a public policy consultant. She holds multiple degrees, including one in law and a Ph.D. in Education Policy.


Davis has served as the 7th District Congressional Rep since 1996 and has been in public service most of his life, including time in the Chicago City Council.

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