NAACP Encourages Americans to Obtain Health Insurance as Third Open Enrollment Under the ACA Starts

BALTIMORE, MD – The NAACP is encouraging individuals and families who have not previously obtained health insurance to obtain insurance through their state’s marketplace as open enrollment starts November 1.  This will mark the beginning of the third open enrollment period for health insurance coverage across the U.S. since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In addition to supporting insurance enrollment efforts nationwide, the NAACP will focus on connecting people to care.

To date, more than 17 million people who were previously uninsured have obtained health insurance coverage through their state’s marketplace, including 2.6 million African Americans, 4 million Latinos and 7.4 million Whites.  Most of these individuals have benefited from three key provisions of the ACA:  the expansion of Medicaid, the ability of young people to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26, and the availability of more affordable insurance plans through the state marketplaces.

“From annual flu shots to regular mammograms, preventative health care is one of the most important steps we can take to maintain good health,” said NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock. “To date, the ACA has provided millions of Americans with the opportunity to receive quality, comprehensive healthcare  coverage for themselves and their families.  With about half of adults living with at least one chronic disease and our population growing older each year, access to health insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

From November 1 through January 31, 2016, individuals and families will be able to obtain coverage through their state’s health insurance marketplace. According to recent data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 10.5 million uninsured Americans are eligible to get insurance through the marketplace this enrollment period; of these, 14 percent are African American and 19 percent are Hispanic.  Those who currently have coverage through their state’s marketplace can re-enroll or change their plan for 2016 based on their needs.

“Beyond being able to pay for healthcare, the NAACP is committed to helping all Americans obtain access to the vital health care services they need,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks. “In particular, African Americans and other people of color need to understand the value of timely, preventive health care for overall health and well-being.”

For more information, the NAACP encourages Americans who currently do not have insurance and those who are currently insured through their state’s marketplace to visit They can also visit to learn more about the NAACP’s outreach efforts in communities around the country.