International Peacemakers to Hold Public Memorial with Arrestable Actions to Demand Investigation into Hospital Bombing


Marching from the British Consulate, stopping at the Consulate General of Canada and Arriving 12:30 at Federal Plaza.

CHICAGO, IL – On October 9th, international Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) trainees will march through downtown Chicago demanding that the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada formally request an #IndependentInvestigation by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) into the October 3rd bombing of the Doctors Without Borders’ #Kunduz Hospital.

CPT trainees will carry a coffin and hold a public memorial at Federal Plaza mourning lives lost in the bombing. At Federal Plaza, CPT trainees will pray for peace and blockade doors at the Kluczynski Federal Building, risking arrest.

The United States has acknowledged responsibility for the brutal bombing in Afghanistan killing 22 people – twelve staff and ten patients, including three children – and has stated it will conduct an “internal investigation.” This response is inadequate. The United States military cannot serve as its own prosecutor, judge, and jury.

CPT condemns the bombing, a war crime as defined by the Geneva Conventions, and joins the call of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for an independent investigation to be conducted by the IHFFC, the only permanent body for the purpose of investigating violations of international humanitarian law. We urge Canada and the United Kingdom to use their positions as signatories to the IHFFC to demand an investigation into this deadly bombing, and the United States to consent and cooperate.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has ongoing peace teams in Canada, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, and Colombia, building partnerships with local peacemakers to transform violence and oppression.