From Pre-School to the Penitentiary: Author Duane Campbell Documents the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Pipeline

(A Candid Examination of a Vicious Cycle)

From: African American Images

CHICAGO, IL – A powerful book written by Duane Campbell documents the schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline.

According to the author, the problem starts in the womb. The largest killer in Black America is abortion, with almost 2000 Black babies killed daily. The crisis continues in pre-school. Large numbers of Black children are expelled from pre-school. How do you get expelled at four years old?

The next challenge for Black children is learning to read. Only 12% of boys and 18% of girls are on grade level by eighth grade. Illiteracy is the first precursor for incarceration. Some governors have decided to expand prisons based on 4th grade reading scores rather than teach these children how to read.

The next challenge for Black youth is being retained in school. If they are retained, there is a 70% chance they will dropout. Some schools retain students and give them the same teacher, curriculum and pedagogy the following year, yet expect a different outcome. Other schools believe in social promotion. They allow students to matriculate to high school with elementary proficiency. The next hurdle is avoiding special education and Ritalin.

The largest drug dealers in America are our schools who give over 7 million children Ritalin daily. Why are African American children only 17% of the students, but 41% of special education students? Why are males 80% of the African American students? Have we designed a female classroom for male students? Why do they call it “special”? What percent of students actually return from special education to the mainstream classroom on grade level?

The next challenge is high school graduation. The dropout rate for females is over 30% and for males it’s over 40%. The second greatest precursor to prison is dropping out of high school. There are over one million Black males incarcerated, and another 2 million involved with the criminal justice system. There are over 100,000 Black females incarcerated, and another 500,000 involved with the system. There are more African Americans under the criminal justice system than there were in 1862 under slavery.

Presently, there are over 1.4 million African Americans who have lost the right to vote. If you want learn more about this subject, you need to read this book. If you want to solve the problems described, you need to read this powerful book.

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Photo: Author Duane Campbell