Fasting for Justice and Dignity for Immigrants and Human Rights in Mexico

Letters to Editors


From: Manuel Revueltas


A Press Conference will be held today, September 15, 2015, at the Mexican Consulate, 204 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago.
Mexico has been experiencing the “war on drugs” in Mexico (2006), and at the same time, as Immigrants we are facing a no-solution to our problems in the U.S.

Now we are facing the consequences of non-work policies in Mexico and the US, and an increase in Human Rights Violations from both countries. All these give a scenario of families separation in the U.S. and extreme violation of basic Rights of Mexicans in their home country.

President Enrique Peña Nieto and Politicaslearder in the US have fallen short on what we really need as a community. The continued militarization of Mexico, support by the Plan Merida and the continue hate speech against immigrants, give us no option but to take action.

A group of immigrants have decided to start a Starving for Justice and Dignity in the Mexican Consulate of Chicago. Among the people that are starting this Starving is Father Gary Grafh, from the St. Gahl Catholic Church, Salvador Zamora, Jose Sandoval, Mario, Jose, Manuel, and others.
We are in fasting?
For more information, contact:Manuel , 773 540 0226 (cell), or