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‘Accelerated by Drugs to induce slumber and Questionable taxation purposes’

By Rev. Harold Bailey
President, Probation Challenge and The PCC Network

CHICAGO, IL – Hell’s fury couldn’t be better articulated than viewing Mayor Rahm Emanuel being police escorted from an irate community meeting on the Southside.

The meeting was to explain the mayor’s new budget which is said to have included new taxation… which would include property taxes.

Watch with a jaundice eye at what’s being done subliminally to South and Westside blacks by the governing Chi-town political forces. Unknowingly, a large segment of blacks are being subject to swallow a dose of sedating poison, while warned by aldermen/woman and their political muscle that it should be ingested without a whimper. Aren’t taxpayers tired of the unwarranted burdens inflicted upon them by the hypocrites sitting in authority? Quickly, may I interject that I am speaking of those persons who have no intentions of giving the black taxpayer a fair chance to live (at least) a sufficient lifestyle?

Let’s look at the real side of life which is not a reality show! It was forecast by the Rev. Harold E. Bailey’s Challenge News Magazine, that when and if Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel were to be re-elected (and he was) it would cause a downward spiral for the once beautiful city by Lake Michigan. Sources say that presently on the drawing board of proposals are conspiracies that will include a humongous taxation without fair representation!

The already stressed public lives day-to-day under the financial mental-strain as the result of drive-by shootings, unexplained killings, funerals, hospital and other related expenses … is leaving the taxpayer financially drained! Any new purposed taxation at this time would be a heavy burden for modest citizens to bear.

Question: Where are the vocal elected officials who oppose the mayor’s projects? Yet, another question comes to mind: What other diabolical projects are on the political drawing board locked behind the mayor’s guarded doors?

Mayor Emanuel, along with his Yea-Sayers, forced themselves into the public’s pockets with the traffic tickets and traffic cameras. Sources report that other unexpected offerings from the Mayor’s Office would bleed into the savings of taxpayers who are just under the radar of just making it. Oh, we also forgot … additional taxes would also include ‘garbage’ pickup!

It’s said that some of the mayor’s team believe they can ‘get all they can’ and ‘can all they get’ … while they can get it! Meanwhile, many earnest going along to get along persons have labored for the majority of their lives to reside comfortably, and are now on edge because of the major’s purposed ventures to raise property taxes! Many ponder and wonder how they will merely exist. Unexpected taxation is a dyer treat to those who have become complacent with their meager income. Any new taxation will cause a bottom-line effect and cause taxpayers to have need for help!

Reliance on others to merely live is considered dependency. Dependency for a large number of Blacks and Hispanics is the first stage of asking for a handout. The lack of having qualification for that handout may result in yet another first stage leading to crime. With all the above leading to… Political Slavery.

The colossal question becomes: Is this dependency the subliminal intent of Chicago city government, which concertedly will cause the citizens to lose their gains and thus become subjected to the wimps of the policies government? Hum! Should this in modern-day history be considered as unofficial slavery?

Most political pretenders have the audacity to wonder what’s wrong with youth and with their involvement in crime and drugs. Actually the pretenders already know that answer better than most Chicago residents! The simple answer is that youth emulate that which they see! They see and mark the Political pretenders, adorned in their shirt and tie… with all interpreted as massive power over the people who elected them! These marked political persons are able to have money in the bank, fine houses and cars, and more importantly living in a community deemed as a safe haven. Why wouldn’t youth want to emulate such greatness? However, it should be noted that most uneducated youth are not educationally conscious as to the devious struggle it takes to achieve such success. So, without that real know-how, youth venture out minus the proper tools to achieve and end up in the slammer. Some city leaders have sent a wrong message by using their powerful seat for personal gain—rather than a hand’s up to aid the community.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of the Probation Challenge program, said, “Many youth have viewed the falseness of some city fathers, and have watched how they’ve prostituted their inept spiritual values and principles, while watching (with a grin) them travel from the county jail … to the many waiting-rooms-to-hell—prison! But believe me—restitution is on the way via spiritual truth! With the pubic suffering and in dire need for finances, would it be wise at this time not to suggest any projects which hinges on the distribution of drugs—be it legal or otherwise? The lacking of public funds already brings about the first stage of depression. Prayerfully, most citizens would not resort to drugs. However, in a moment of mental confusion regarding rent, bills, food and the baby, many would want to masked the pain with drugs—which is prevalent on both the south and Westside of the city. As quiet as it’s kept, these temptations can lead to flirting with marijuana. Marijuana could very well be the gateway to: crack, cocaine, lean, ecstasy and others. All drugs can lead to jail and/or prison.

Marijuana is suggested to be implemented without any community hearing in one of the Chicago’s affluent Southside Wards! Residents of the ward, have long labored for their beautiful homes and businesses, however without a word of warning there lies a subliminal political influence to bring drugs into the community under the guise of a Medical Dispensary. Could this be done minus the permission from the Fifth Floor of City Hall? The question is, where is the root of this marijuana project? Some have said that this is too heavy a project to fall to the lot of an alderwoman, and suggested it would fall to the lot of being the brainchild of Chicago mayor Emanuel.

Juanita Bratcher’s Copyline News Magazine reports: The proposed dispensary is a joint venture of California-based Harborside Health Center and Illinois Grown Medicine.

Many in the community are angry about the dispensary coming to the area, and the Eighth Ward Accountability Coalition (EWAC) has held two major meetings pertaining to the dispensary (hundreds of angry residents turned out for the meeting). If not for EWAC, most community residents would not have been privy to this transforming information since the community had been left in the dark. Alderman Michelle A. Harris did not hold a public meeting to inform the community until August 11th, two weeks before the Zoning Board hearing.

According to news reports, Steven DeAngelo, a felon convicted of drug distribution and founder of Harborside, is barred from participating in the business operation but his brother, Andrew DeAngelo, is the Harborside partner who will be involved in Illinois. The State of Massachusetts refused to even grant a license to Harborside because of their legal issues. The U.S. Department of Justice has taken action to shut down the Harborside operations in California, as reported by Copyline News Magazine.

Copyline News Magazine said, “Our only hope now to stop this medical marijuana dispensary from coming to the neighborhood is to go down in numbers to the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on November 20, at 121 N. LaSalle Street, Room 200, at 2 p.m.

Jerry Brown, an official of EWAC, and EWAC members solicited the board for a hearing when they found out about it coming and the community had not been informed by Alderman Harris (8th Ward) through a public hearing. EWAC is working on securing a bus, maybe two to carry interested residents to the meeting.”

Blacks must biblically recall and remember that there is nothing new under the sun. And, it’s best to remember that blacks are on the earth today simply because they were strong to dodge the many planned pitfalls that the enemy laid in wait for them. Through the years our foreparents by the grace of God—knowing: Only the Strong in God would Survive.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey can be reached at Probation Challenge. Tel: 773-978-3706.



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