Discrimination in Illinois: Discriminatory Anti-Gay Bill Rapidly Gaining House Republican Support

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Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would allow vendors to refuse service to LGBT Americans.

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This is outrageous. House Republicans just introduced a bill that will allow businesses to deny service to LGBT couples.

If the bill passes, LGBT couples could be refused Social Security benefits. They could be kicked out of homeless shelters. They could be refused service at restaurants. They could even be denied marriage licenses.

It reminds us of the 1950s, when pro-segregation politicians did everything possible to deny basic civil rights to African Americans. The Republicans are trying to legalize discrimination, and we couldn’t be more furious.

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Look — we’re just as mad as you are. And that’s why we’re going on offense.

We’re making co-sponsors of this bill — like Republican New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett — top targets in 2016.

We need to show the Republicans that they can’t try to legalize discrimination and get away with it.

If you’re with us, sign our petition! Let’s show the Republicans that we will not stand for this kind of bigotry.

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