Stop McConnell’s Radical Anti-Choice Bill: Sign The Petition

In May, Boehner passed a radical bill banning access to abortions nationwide.

Now, Mitch McConnell is promising to bring up the same anti-choice bill for a vote in the Senate.

Help us reach 20,000 strong demanding Mitch McConnell STOP imposing his radical anti-choice agenda on American women >>

The Republicans are at it again.

With control over both chambers of Congress, they are pushing through extremist right-wing legislation that will cripple Roe v. Wade.

Their latest attempt? McConnell is setting up a Senate vote prohibiting abortions 20 weeks into a pregnancy.

We can’t let Republicans impose their radical anti-choice legislation on Ventura County women and families.

20,000 NEEDED: Click here to tell Senate Republicans to stop attacking a woman’s right to choose >>

It’s important to remember there are many reasons why someone may need access to an abortion. These medical decisions are delicate and complicated and should be decided by a woman and her doctor.

But this legislation would strip women of control over their private health care decisions.

Join us and take a stand against Republicans telling the rest of us what we can do with our bodies:

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Team Brownley