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Illinois Torturing Prisoners With Solitary Confinement

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Today

CHICAGO, IL — This morning, Uptown People’s Law Center and Winston & Strawn LLP filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of prisoners against the Illinois Department of Corrections for its overuse and misuse of solitary confinement in Illinois prisons.

Approximately 2,500 prisoners are in solitary confinement in Illinois at any given time. Prisoners can be put there for even slight infractions, such as rolling one’s eyes at a guard, or in retaliation for helping other prisoners assert their legal rights. Many of these prisoners have spent months, years, and in some cases decades in solitary confinement.

Last week, United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy stated in Davis v. Ayala: “…the penal system has a solitary confinement regime that will bring you to the edge of madness, perhaps to madness itself.”

A United Nations expert on torture has called on all countries to ban the solitary confinement of prisoners, stating that solitary confinement for longer than 15 days amounts to torture.

Thirty thousand prisoners are released from Illinois’ prisons every year. Those who have been subjected to prolonged solitary confinement are often too traumatized to work and must collect Social Security income.

“The state of Illinois puts too many people into solitary, and for petty reasons. The conditions there are appalling and unconstitutional, and we leave people in there for too long. Worst of all, Illinois’ excessive use of solitary doesn’t make our prisons safer, doesn’t protect staff, and does nothing to protect the public,” says Alan Mills, Executive Director of Uptown People’s Law Center.

Uptown People’s Law Center (UPLC) is a nonprofit legal services organization specializing in prisoners’ rights, Social Security disability, and tenants’ rights and eviction defense. UPLC currently has ten pending class action lawsuits regarding jail and prison conditions.

Winston & Strawn LLP is an international law firm with 18 offices located throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

Wednesday, June 24 – 10 AM
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave. (In These Times)
VISUALS: exhibit of art by US prisoners in solitary confinement, featuring a life-size model solitary cell. Survivors of solitary confinement and people with family members in solitary will be in attendance. Location is not wheelchair accessible.

Illinois Legislative Black Caucus to Rally Against Rauner’s Cuts

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The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus views Governor Rauner’s cuts as a direct attack on the working poor. This Thursday, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus will hold a rally to fight for programs and services our community values. Several organizations that serve communities who will suffer the most from the cuts will discuss how the lack of support increases crime, lowers our students’ opportunities to be qualified for good jobs and will leave people without heat during Chicago’s coldest months.

The ILBC is hosting three rallies throughout the Chicagoland area to ensure residents throughout the can participate.

Below are details about the rallies:

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Location: L.C. Redmond South Austin Coalition – 5071 W. Congress Pkwy, Chicago

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Who: Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, community organizations

What: The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is standing with community advocates to fight Governor Rauner’s cuts

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location: South Suburban College – Kindig Performing Arts Center – 15800 State Street, south Holland

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Who: Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, community organizations

What: The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is standing with community advocates to fight Governor Rauner’s cuts

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location: Chicago State University – Douglas hall – Breakey Theatre – 9501 S. King Dr, Chicago

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Who: Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, community organizations

What: The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is standing with community advocates to fight Governor Rauner’s cuts

Englewood Residents Fight to Bury the ‘Chiraq’ Branding by Celebrating Peace in the Parks

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“We know we have to blend arts and entertainment with activism in order to engage and address issues we have throughout the neighborhood.” Asiaha Butler, R.A.G.E. President

CHICAGO, IL – Community residents are taking Englewood’s fate into their own hands by sponsoring the third annual So Fresh Saturdays’ series. The day long arts, entertainment, and educational initiative premiered after residents felt a lack of peaceful festivities in Englewood.

Members of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.) host the community outing, which offers the public free, family-oriented, resident crafted “edu-tainment.” In the past, So Fresh Saturdays has featured spoken word and open mic, screened films, and gathered peace circles. The goal of the series is to create a safe space in the parks of the Greater Englewood community.

As an organization, R.A.G.E. strives to highlight community assets already present in Greater Englewood. The organization equips residents with tools to inspire positive action and create their own empowering narratives about the neighborhood despite being branded as ‘Chiraq.’

Asiaha Butler, also known as Mrs. Englewood, serves as the co-founder and president of R.A.G.E. She added her insight on the efficacy of So Fresh Saturdays: “We know we have to blend arts and entertainment with activism in order to engage and address issues we have throughout the neighborhood.” For Butler, reclaiming neighborhood parks and gathering for family bonding, community love, and a lively celebration of the #GoodInEnglewood is the tipping point for transformation.

This year, So Fresh Saturdays will feature a staggering lineup, including Legends of Chicago Hip-Hop, a backbone of the peace hip hop movement. Adding to the roster are Westside natives FM Supreme, who self describes as a humanitarian rap artist, and K.W.O.E, who has performed at South by Southwest (SXSW) and has been featured on ESPN with hit single “We Won’t Back Down.” All these artists, and many more, will take the stage at So Fresh Saturdays to emphasize the love that is shared among Englewood residents.

The So Fresh Saturdays’ kickoff takes place on June 20, 2015 at Sherwood Park (5701 S. Shields). The series culminates in a backpack giveaway for elementary and high school students. All events take place from 3pm to 8pm, and the entire schedule is as follows:

·         June 20th  – Sherwood Park – 5701 S. Shields

·         July 11th – Ogden Park – 6500 S. Racine

·         July 25th – Hermitage Park – 5839 S. Wood

·         August 8th – Lindblom Park – 6054 S. Damen

·         August 29th – Hamilton Park -513 W. 72nd St.

So Fresh Saturdays is presented as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks series, supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Arts programming in neighborhoods across the city advances the goals of the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Cultural Plan. Now in its third year, the 2015 Night Out in the Parks series will host over 1,000 events and programs at more than 250 neighborhood parks throughout the city, making community parks a safe haven and hubs of activity. Projects will vary from traditional performances and concerts, to movies, peace rallies, community workshops, nature based programs, dance pieces, festivals, and more. The Chicago Park District has partnered with more than 80 arts and community organizations to expand and produce this successful initiative.

Wherever R.A.G.E. is, there is sure to be community building and pride for a community that is often shunned in the media. You will not want to miss out on these So Fresh events!

Any individuals or organizations willing to serve as a resource can connect through these means: 866-845-1032 – joinrage [at] gmail [dot] com – ragenglewood.org – FB.com/RAGEnglewood

The Resident Association of Greater Englewood (RAGE) is a resident-driven organization whose mission is to mobilize residents of the community, utilizing asset-based development and innovative organizing techniques. Visit ragenglewood.org for more info.

Vermilion County Court Imposes Penalty on Petroleum Company

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) announced today that on June 18, 2015, a Vermilion County Circuit Court issued a Default Judgment Order against Excellent Petroleum, Inc. for $365,000. The order came in response to the company abandoning a truck stop and leaving ten underground petroleum storage tanks unsecure, clearly in violation of the Gasoline Storage Act.

“Gasoline tanks left unattended pose a serious threat to public safety,” said State Fire Marshal Matt Perez. “This judgment serves as a reminder of the consequences that result from not following state regulations and putting the public at risk.”

Excellent Petroleum, Inc., located at the Oakwood exit of I-74, last operated the ten underground storage tanks in 2006. The unsecured fuel tanks had the potential to cause soil and water contamination, therefore posing a threat to human health and the environment. The Village of Oakwood took over the title of the facility on November 3, 2014, after Excellent Petroleum, Inc. failed to respond to multiple OSFM enforcement notices directing the company to maintain and secure the facility.

The OSFM requested that the Office of the Attorney General file a civil lawsuit against Excellent Petroleum, Inc. in August 2011. Litigation followed resulting in a Default Judgment Order imposing $365,000 in penalties and fines against the company for its ongoing violations of OFSM rules concerning technical and safety requirements for the operation and proper temporary closure of underground storage tanks.

Why You Can’t Kill the Spirit of Mother Emanuel

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By Ben Jealous & Jotaka Eaddy

You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea. Similarly, you can massacre members of a congregation and assassinate the state senator who served as their pastor, but you cannot kill the mission and spirit of the church to which they belong. And the spirit of Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina is one worth preserving, and celebrating, in the wake of this Wednesday’s tragic act of domestic terrorism that occurred there.

Emanuel AME Church is the oldest African Methodist Church in the South, and it has long served as a bulwark for organized defiance to white supremacy and discrimination. Founded by freed black slaves, it was affectionately known as “Mother Emanuel,” and the institution’s history of challenge and resistance mirrors the movement toward racial progress that it fostered in the South.

In 1816, Mother Emanuel church was investigated for its role in a planned slave rebellion organized by Denmark Vesey, one of its founders. Vesey was executed. Then, for thirty years beginning in 1834, its parishioners had to worship secretly because of a ban on black churches. Mother Emanuel was burned down only to be rebuilt, and shut down by the state only to continue operating as a symbol of resilience and devotion. Throughout it all, the congregation endured, and the church hosted dignitaries from Booker T. Washington to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the decades that followed the Civil War.

Mother Emanuel’s pastor, who was slain in the violence Wednesday, was a man that we have both had the honor of knowing. Reverend Clementa Pinckney truly represented the mission and movement of Mother Emanuel. Rev. Pinckney was a pastor at age 18, an elected official at age 23, and a South Carolina state senator at age 27. He was known for his kindness, his commitment to community, and his strong and passionate voice. He fought for police accountability and gun control in a state where both fights were uphill battles, but in the spirit of his church he did not let that defeat him.

There were eight other victims that day: Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Cythia Hurd, Tywanza Sanders, Myra Thompson, Ethel Lance, Rev. Daniel L. Simmons, Susie Jackson, DePayne Doctor. Three men and six women total, together they represented mothers, grandmothers, pastors, community leaders, coaches and college graduates. In short, they represented a devoted and beloved community in the best black church tradition. Their moment of reflection – each praying alone and in unison at once – tragically cut short.

Wednesday’s attack, which was motivated by racial hatred, will not be the first time that the congregation of Mother Emanuel church faced an outside force that simply could not abide the thought of its continued existence.

Yet, the church still stands, and on Thursday afternoon its congregation and the community joined hands for a powerful rendition of “We Shall Overcome.” In Hebrew, Emanuel means “God is with us”, and there is no doubt that God will remain with the congregation that has seen so much pain, yet so much triumph. Mother Emanuel AME will overcome and her spirit will be stronger still.

Ben Jealous is Partner at Kapor Capital and former President and CEO of the NAACP. Jotaka Eaddy, a native South Carolinian and member of the A.M.E. church, is a political strategist and advocate and former Senior Advisor at the NAACP.
Photo Caption: (From Left): Ben Jealous and Jotaka Eaddy

Rev. Jackson Seeks 1,000 Churches to Set Up Tech Centers

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Wants to education youth on finances

By Chinta Strausberg

At his Rainbow PUSH minister’s breakfast, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Tuesday said he is seeking 1,000 churches in Chicago to set up tech centers in their churches so they can teach children about apps, codes, the stock market game, financial literacy and to learn how to save and invest rather than to spend and be greedy.

Jackson said his agenda for the churches is to help reduce their foreclosures, using church outlets to be haven of rests for our children and training in their security.

Rev. Jackson said there is also a great concern about the ratification of the Confederate Flag and the Confederation agenda.

Jackson also spoke about the Voting Rights Act he says is under attack. In South Carolina, Jackson said one-fourth of that state is in poverty; yet they rejected $10 billion in Medicaid. He said the black population is 25 percent; yet they are 75 percent of the prison population. “They lease prisons out to private corporations like slave labor,” he said.

Referring to the killing of nine members of the Mother Emanuel African Methodist (A.M.E.) church by 21-year-old Dylan Roof, Jackson said, “Ironically, the killing at the church sets the climate in a significant way.

“Are they embarrassed or remorseful? If they are remorseful, they will change the policy that created the climate, insecurity and fear.”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Community March for NuNu, Killed Saturday by Chicago Police

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Family and friends of NuNu and of other victims of Chicago Police violence will join community members to demand answers to questions surrounding young man’s death and a stop to police killings.

Will be held Wednesday 6/24: 6P.M., 71st and Merrill,

CHICAGO, IL — On Saturday June 20th, NuNu was shot multiple times and killed by Chicago police.  On Wednesday, June 24th, community members will join friends and family of NuNu and other victims of Chicago Police violence to demand answers.

They will gather at 6 p.m. at 71st & Merrill where NuNu was shot and killed by police.

According to reported statements by community members in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, NuNu was a respectful young man, well known in the neighborhood, and was not armed when police shot him.

A facebook event for the march (https://www.facebook.com/events/431266040389010/) posted by community member William Calloway states:

“Early Saturday morning a young man was shot while unarmed near the intersection of 71st & Merrill. The Chicago Police have conflicting accounts of what happened. Witnesses of the shooting says NuNu was unarmed when fired upon.

“There is a PLS store with surveillance footage of the incident that the investigators taped the scene off and waited 10 hours (‘til the store opened) to retrieve the footage from the cameras. The same incident occurred in the case of Laquan McDonald.

“The community of South Shore, family and friends, of NuNu will rally Wednesday evening to demand answers of what happen that morning, and demand that these police killings stop.”

Retail Panel on Racial Profiling Convenes at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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The Retail Symposium on Shopping Equity Brings Retailers, Community Leaders, and Law Enforcement Officials Together at Forum about Race and Retail.

By Kristin Vaughan

Retail Symposium Shopping Equity

New York, NY (BlackNews.com) –The Retail Council of New York State joined forces with key retailers Thursday to open a dialogue on race and retail. The Retail Symposium on Shopping Equity brought more than 100 retailers, community leaders, and law enforcement officials together at John Jay College of Criminal Justice for a full day of panels and a town hall meeting to address the complexities of racial profiling and strategize ways to create a shopping culture that is welcoming to all customers.

The symposium, co-sponsored by the Retail Council and Macys, connected the wide-ranging groups to share their unique perspectives on racial profiling and develop a series of in-depth discussions about race, crime, and justice. Attendees examined the root causes of retail racial profiling — when certain consumers feel targeted and mistreated while shopping based on outward appearances, such as skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or how they are dressed. In addition, they looked at its impact at Black and Hispanic communities, ways to manage implicit biases, assessed data on prevalence, and reviewed best practices to create an anti-profiling gold-standard solution.

This is not a box we would just like to check…and say we had that meeting and now lets move on, said Ted Potrikus, president of the Retail Council of New York State. According to Potrikus, the retail industry wants to definitely get the message out that they are paying attention to profiling. It is a tough issue to talk about and its one of those things where I think any retailer will say, `This wont happen to us until it does happen…The issue is more than two brands, the issue is more than one borough. The issue can hit at any time. You just never know, Potrikus said.

In addition to Macys, associate relations, asset protections and human resources representatives from more than 15 leading retailers, including Barneys, Nordstrom, Walmart, Bloomingdales and Home Depot were present. Also in attendance were local and national Black and Hispanic community and civil rights leaders, including: Reverend Calvin O. Butts, of The Abyssinian Baptist Church; Michael Hardy, of the National Action Network; Michael Garner, of One Hundred Black Men, Inc. of New York; Gail Smith of Impacto Latin News; Rossana Rosado, former publisher of El Diario-La Prensa; and Marlene Cintron, of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation. Broadcast journalist Soledad OBrien hosted a town hall meeting and Professor Charles J. Ogletree ended the day with a talk on racial justice.

Profiling is illegal, number one, said Hardy, who serves as the executive vice president and general counsel of the National Action Network and sat on the Perspectives from Community Leaders When Profiling Allegations Arise panel. Its not good business and its not good citizenship. No one wants to come to a place where they are not welcome and no one wants to spend money where they arent [either.] Hardy added, retailers should take note that Blacks and Hispanics buying power is $1.3 and $1.5 trillion respectively.

Butts, who was also on the community leaders panel, said that when it comes to spending their hard-earned money, Blacks and Hispanics need to redirect it to where they are respected.

Racial profiling is directly connected to your influence in the marketplace, Butts said. If you use your dollars wisely, you can influence a change. If you continue to spend your dollars where you are disrespected, then people are going to treat you the same way.

Butts also encouraged minorities to speak with their wallets at retail outlets that respect diversity throughout its organization. Its not only about shopping equity and how we spend our money, Butts said. Its how [a company] spends its money. How [they] treat their employees and how [they] impact diversity in terms of their staff. Those messages of inclusion need to come from the top down.

Macys CEO and Chairman Terry J. Lundgren addressed the audience, too. Macys, he said, has a long history of incorporating diversity and inclusion into all facets of its business. However, he said, he is aware that a trust gap exists between the retail industry and many customers who are people of color.

If they feel like they have to look over their shoulder because of the way that they look or the color of their skin, or just the way they are acting inside of our store… If they feel there is mistrust on the part of the retailer… then we have to fix that, Lundgren said. We have to be responsive to that and decide what we have to do to adjust so the consumer doesnt have to adjust.

Lundgren said one way Macys is addressing the racial profiling issue is by adopting and posting a Customer Bill of Rights in both English and Spanish that hangs prominently in each of Macys 50 New York stores and can be accessed online.

Lundgren challenged other retailers to do the same and encouraged them to also continuously improve training practices, and recommit to all aspects of diversity and inclusion. He encouraged company leaders to make shopping equity a top priority.

Lundgren ended his talk by outlining some of the steps Macys is taking to advance progress on racial profiling. For example this summer Macys is working with Mayor Bill de Blasio to create a program to provide summer jobs to 15,000 New York City underserved youth. Macys also established its Distinguished Lecture Series on Race, Crime and Justice at John Jay College this year. The series aims to maintain an ongoing, honest dialogue around the issue of shopping equality.

Our college is right in the middle of the national discussion that you are all a part of, said John Jay College President Jeremy Travis, who added the universitys student body reflects the citys diversity since three-fourths of its 15,000 students are people of color. Travis said he was honored when the Retail Council and Macys asked John Jay to host the event. Youve taken a moment in your history to say, `Lets turn this around and figure out what to do differently and youve shown a commitment to do things differently and I applaud you for it, Travis said.

NYPD Lieutenant, Tarik Sheppard, who was instrumental in creating the New York Metro Organized Crime Alliance (NYMOCA), was also on hand. NYMOCA is a private and public partnership that fights organized retail crime through sharing information with law enforcement and retailers. Sheppard encouraged improved cooperation, trust and information between retailers and police on a panel about the keys to successful partnerships between retailers and law enforcement.

Broadcast journalist Soledad OBrien hosted a special town hall meeting entitled, Where Do We Go from Here? Panelist Kristen Clarke from the New York State Attorney Generals Office shared several best practices that her office learned from working with retailers. They include: taking a data-driven approach to stops and detentions to see if any person, department, or store stands out; have chief executives make clear that profiling wont be tolerated; continuously train employees; take disciplinary action; put incentives in place; create and follow timelines for responding to customer complaints and adopt a consumer bill of rights.

Shortly after the symposium ended, Potrikus said the event was successful because it provided retailers with a clear cut way to deal with shopping equity concerns when they arise. Potrikus anticipates that industry groups like the Retail Industry Leaders Association and the National Retail Federation both of whom attended will keep the momentum going.

Potrikus said: I think [the community] is seeing here that this is not just window dressing and that retailers arent saying that if we do this, then we are off the hook.

Photo Caption: Panelists Participating in the Perspectives From Community Leaders When Profiling Allegations Arise discussion. From left to right, Kent Matlock, Matlock Advertising and Public Relations; Michael Hardy, National Action Network; Gail Smith, Impacto Latin News; Rev. Dr. Calvin O Butts III, The Abyssinian Baptist Church; Michael Garner, 100 Black Men.

NAACP Statement on Gov. Nikki Haley’s Call for the Removal of the Confederate Flag on Capitol Ground

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BALTIMORE, MD – On Monday, June 22nd, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called for the Confederate battle flag to be taken down from out in front of the state Capitol. The General Assembly’s session ended on June 4, but lawmakers are meeting Tuesday to pass a budget compromise, at which point they can vote on extending the session to debate the removal of the Confederate flag. A decision to continue the session would take two-thirds of the vote, as would passing legislation to take down the flag. If they don’t, Haley said she would use her authority to call them back into session to debate on the flag. Subsequently, the NAACP has issued the following statement.

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President and CEO:

“For 15 years, the NAACP alongside our South Carolina State Conference have advocated for the Confederate battle flag’s removal. As we continue to mourn the lives of nine African American men and women killed senselessly in a church massacre at the hands of a white supremacist, the NAACP expects nothing less than a unanimous vote by the South Carolina state legislature to remove the flag immediately. Simply calling for the flag’s removal is not enough. While a toothless vote is legislatively necessary, we believe that a unanimous vote is morally required. For 15 years, the NAACP has led a statewide boycott aimed at bringing economic pressure on the state to bring the flag down, even recruiting the NCAA and UAW. The legislative body of South Carolina now has the opportunity to bring forth a new era of unity on the heels of tragedy. Removing the Confederate flag in this moment is not only ethically right but unequivocally American. The Southern region of our country is known for its hospitality. Nothing is more hospitable than creating an environment of inclusion for people of all races, colors, creeds and faiths. If South Carolina refuses to take down the flag, the NAACP will only intensify its economic, political and moral pressure on the state to remove the same emblem of exclusion that the church shooter used as motivation for his crime.”

Photo: Cornell William Brooks

Former Financial Icon Clark Burrus dead at 86

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By Chinta Strausberg

Funeral services will be held 12 Noon Thursday, June 25, 2015, at the Congregational Church of Park Manor, UCC, 7000 So. King Dr., for former financial icon Clark Burrus, his wife, Lucille Burrus confirmed Tuesday morning.

Viewing of Mr. Burrus, who passed away after a long illness last Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at the age of 86, will be held Wednesday, June 24, 2015,  from 12 noon to 5 p.m., at the Cage Memorial Chapel, 7651 South Jeffery Blvd.

Funeral Services will be held from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Thursday, June 25, 2015, at the Congregational Church of Park Manor UCC, 7000 So. King Drive.

Mr. Burrus was born in Chicago on November 5, 1928 and grew up on the South Side of Chicago. A 1946 graduate of Englewood High School, Burris enrolled at the Texas State University but returned to Chicago where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1954 and a Master’s Degree in 1972 at Roosevelt University.

He began a long career with the city of Chicago after graduation beginning in 1954 and ending in 1979 and served under several mayors including Mayors Martin Kennelley, Richard J. Daley, Michael Bilandic and Jane Byrne.

It was in 1973 when Mr. Burrus was named the city comptroller and the city’s chief financial officer where for the first time in the history of Chicago the city received its first double A bond rating for conformance in accounting.

In 1979, Mr. Burrus became the senior vice president of the First National Bank of Chicago where he worked in the Asset and Liability Management Department until 1991 when he became the vice chairman of the First Chicago Capital Markets, Inc. and co-head of the Public Banking Department.

In 1998, Mr. Burrus retired but continued to be involved in the business community having served as an advisor on many boards and committees including being the chairman of the Chicago Council on Urban Affairs Advisory Board and co-chair for the Health Care Sub-Committee of the Cook County Citizens Budget Review Committee.

Mr. Burrus served on the boards of directors of a dozen organizations that included the Economic Development Council, the Harold Washington Foundation and the Urban Gateways.

Mr. Burrus was a member of the Union League Club of Chicago, the Economic Club of Chicago, the Executives Club of Chicago and the Mid-Day Club.

He was wrote a number of articles on minority issues in public finance.

Mr. Burrus leaves to mourn his wife, Lucille, and a son, James.

Burial will be at the Oak Woods Cemetery, 1035 E. 67th St.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

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