Former Inmate Forms Company to Inspire Others of His Race

Joe Pledger

Cleveland, OH ( — Joe Pledger, a former inmate and aspiring entrepreneur, has formed Achieve Historical Appreciation! LLC. Its mission is to preserve, promote and pursue historical interests, cultural values and social issues affecting the community through creative efforts. His goal is to distribute portable learning centers in the Cuyahoga County jail to inmates to facilitate university level lectures offered by The Great Courses inspiring them to appreciate art, math, science, history and language through portable dvd players. He is also producing a comic book gaming adventure using print on demand services and social media marketing to engage African-Americans with a global Black audience.

“I’m inspired by Black History. Im inspired by the lack of dominance we have in the comic book and video gaming industry. I believe that I have invented an avenue for such creative processes, that have historically degraded and defamed my entire race, to uplift and inspire them to value their greatness. Im taking the ‘niggativity’ out of the Black experience through gameplay,” he says.

He is challenging reporters and bloggers to check out his website at and read his comic book, play the text adventure and write a review so that he can build a following to crowdfund his video game. Once at the site, you can click on specific links which will lead you to external webpages containing his work. The characters were inspired by the failed public policies concerning Black people such as slavery, colonialism, segregation and apartheid. The places were inspired by the Urban Dictionary and the creatures were inspired by African folklore and mythology.

He reminds followers that they are in a race phenotypically and economically; as Black people and as competitors in a global market. African-Americans are some of the biggest consumers of video games. However, none of these games feature predominately Black themes or storylines. Joe Pledger wants to cater to this market. But, he needs your participation and opinion to make it great!

Pledger can be reached at 216 703-9240 or at

Photo Caption: Joe Pledger, former inmate and aspiring entrepreneur