Cicero Police Collaborates with Immigration Officials (ICE)

The Mission Be Life and families from the back of the yards neighborhood are calling a press conference to denounce the collaboration between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and the police of Cicero.

On May 18th, immigration officials in cooperation with Cicero police arrested Hector Navarrete and Hugo Martinez. ICE and Cicero police knocked on Navarrete and Martinez home with the excuse that they were looking for a “fugitive” individual. As soon as the door opened, enforcement officials began to ask all the members in the home questions and for identification papers. Navarrete and Martinez were not the individuals officials were looking for. They never have had any contact with immigration authorities prior to this incident.

Adriana Aguilar Gonzalez, wife of Navarrete said that her two daughters are been destroyed due to the unjust and forceful removal of their father from their home. Both, Navarrete and Martinez have resided in the US for a long time. They both have family who are US citizens. If they get deported to their home country in Mexico, their families in the US would suffer extreme hardship, both financially and mentally.

The press conference is being held to denounce the use of Poli-Migra practices in the town of Cicero – the collaboration between immigration federal officials (ICE) and local police (Cicero Police). It will be held Friday, June 5 at 11:15 a.m., at 2057 W. 51 Street Chicago, Illinois 60609

Family and community members are demanding their immediate release from immigration custody. They are being currently held in Dodge County Jail, WI.

Love ones of  Navarrete and Martinez will be available for interview.

For more information, contact: José G. Herrer at 773 632-9992.