Draft Biden 2016 Responds to Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley Entering the 2016 Race

Draft Biden 2016, a SuperPAC organized to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the 2016 presidential race, welcomes the entry of former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders into the race.

“Republicans are gearing up hard for the 2016 Presidential Race. Every week you hear new candidates announce, candidates whose agendas for our country are scary. On the Democratic side you can just count on your hand how many people are running but it is refreshing to see the entry of Governor O’Malley and Senator Sanders,” said Draft Biden 2016 Executive Director William Pierce. “We expect there to be a rigorous debate within the Party about the future of our country, a debate we know the Vice President, with his decades of impeccable service as a Senator and VP, will be itching to enter.”

Founded in March, Draft Biden 2016 has tapped into strong currents of support for the Vice President around the country. They have found a hunger for a competitive Democratic primary in 2016, one with multiple serious contenders.

“Despite the movement of other candidates, there exists a strong hunger for the Vice President to enter the race,” continued Pierce. “Our online petition has garnered close to 50,000 petitions in just less than two months.”

Pundits fail to realize that since his last presidential run, Joe Biden served two terms as Vice President, a strong, vocal policy influencing advocate for the Obama Administration. He has just the experience needed to sustain the successes and address challenges.

Pierce articulated, “With high favorability ratings according to a Quinnipiac University Poll earlier this month, Joe Biden’s presidential polling is low but steady. However, it is crucial to note that Senator Bernie Sanders’ own polling rose as soon as he announced and we expect the same for Governor O’Malley, with poll takers apparently more comfortable to cast an opinion on announced candidates. We expect skyrocketing numbers for Biden once he announces.”

Buoyed by the positive response nationwide, the group continues to organize in Iowa, with a growing list of endorsers and planning a Davenport rally in late June. The group will move on to organize in New Hampshire and South Carolina; in the latter state, Dick Harpootlian, former chair of the state’s Democratic party, is advising the Biden group. Harpootlian told The Daily Beast why he prefers Biden: “It’s the ability to speak to 25,000 people and have every one of them feel you’re speaking to them. Clinton had it, Bush had it, Obama had it, Reagan had it. Joe Biden has it—he can bring people to tears. [Hillary] ain’t got it.”

About Draft Biden

Draft Biden 2016, a SuperPAC organized to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the 2016 presidential race, is spearheading the charge to help ensure that Vice President Biden has the necessary amount of support needed to be able to run for President in 2016.

Beginning last month with former staffers and campaign veterans, Draft Biden 2016 is pushing their online petition with supporters and allies. The petition has gathered close to 50,000 signatures so far.

The group is organizing in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in anticipation of the Vice President entering the race.