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Treasurer Michael Frerichs Suspends Two Banks For Not Reinvesting in Low- Moderate-Income Communities

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Request $95K Return to State from Chicago Bank

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs cut off investments to two Illinois banks for failing to meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements.

The CRA encourages banks and lending institutions to meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with safe and sound operations.

“We want to ensure the banks and financial institutions doing business with the state are reinvesting in the communities they serve,” Frerichs said. “Our office provides tools to help people make sound investments in banks and financial institutions. In return, we expect the money to be used to help neighborhood workers and employers, most often through loans.”

A compliance demand was issued to Pulaski Savings Bank located in the 3000 block of South Morgan in Chicago. Latest records show the bank received a “needs improvement” CRA rating. Frerichs demanded the Access to Capital deposit of $95,000 be returned. Pulaski Savings Bank has complied with the demand and issued a check for the full amount.

A compliance demand also was issued to a downtown Chicago bank. Latest records show it also received a “needs improvement” CRA rating. The bank is not being identified because it currently does not hold Illinois Treasury funds.

Neither institution can participate in Illinois Treasury depository programs until they come into CRA compliance.

“Banking and financial institutions play an active role in the economic well-being of our state and need to be held accountable,” Frerichs added. “The Treasurer’s Office wants to encourage an open and effective banking system that grows local communities and boosts Illinois’ economy.”

Frerichs noted that the vast majority of banks in Illinois are good community partners. These leaders assist their community by offering employment as well as financial guidance and access to capital. The temporary inability by a lending institution to meet CRA guidelines should not taint the entire banking community.

By law, the Treasurer’s Office is authorized to consider a financial institution’s record and current level of financial commitment to its local community when deciding whether to deposit State funds in that financial institution. CRA ratings of “satisfactory” or “outstanding” are deemed sufficient to allow the deposit of state funds.

The Community Reinvestment Act was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1977.  For more information, visit http://www.illinoistreasurer.gov/finances/cra.aspx.

About the Illinois Treasurer

The Illinois Treasurer is the state’s Chief Investment Officer and Frerichs is a Certified Public Finance Officer. He protects consumers by encouraging savings plans for college or trade school, increasing financial education among all ages, and removing barriers to a secured retirement. As the state’s Chief Investment Officer, he actively manages approximately $25 billion. Currently, the portfolio includes $13 billion in state funds, $7 billion in college savings plans and $5 billion on behalf of local and state governments. The investment approach is cautious to ensure the preservation of principal and returns $28 to the state for every $1 spent in operations. The Treasurer’s Office predates Illinois incorporation in 1818. Voters in 1848 chose to make it an elected office.

Madigan Announces $1 Million Settlement With Safeguard Properties

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Homeowners Illegally Locked Out of Homes to Receive Restitution

CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a $1 million settlement with Safeguard Properties LLC over allegations the company illegally locked Illinois residents out of their homes before a foreclosure was finalized.

Under Madigan’s settlement, Safeguard, a Delaware corporation based in Ohio, must pay $1 million, nearly all of which will be paid to Illinois residents who filed complaints over Safeguard’s practices. Safeguard must also follow 40 operating standards in conducting inspections and other services relating to Illinois properties set by Madigan’s office to ensure homeowners’ rights are protected.

Safeguard is the largest company in the country hired by mortgage lenders to determine whether homeowners in default or facing foreclosure are living in their homes. If a property is deemed vacant, Safeguard is responsible for securing and maintaining the property to ensure it does not lose value after it is foreclosed. Madigan alleged in a 2013 lawsuit that Safeguard wrongly deemed homes vacant, instructing its contractors to shut off utilities, change the properties’ locks and illegally remove residents’ personal belongings even though they actively remained in their homes.

“When I filed this lawsuit, Safeguard was illegally breaking and entering into homes, often removing residents’ belongings and locking people out,” Madigan said. “I am pleased that this settlement will provide some compensation for the nightmare they caused these homeowners and that it will ensure that Safeguard does not employ these brazen practices moving forward.”

As the number of foreclosures rose in Illinois in the aftermath of the housing market’s collapse, mortgage lenders increasingly relied on third-party companies like Safeguard to ensure that properties did not lose value after their owners defaulted on their mortgage. Vendors such as Safeguard manage properties throughout the foreclosure process. However, homeowners and tenants have a legal right to occupy a home until the completion of the foreclosure process.

Under the settlement, Safeguard agreed to overhaul its business practices to ensure that the company only secures a property that is vacant based on objective standards, including:

  • Inspectors must support their inspections with photographs and an affidavit;
  • Safeguard must post notice to the occupant that it has determined the property to be vacant before it enters the property;
  • Safeguard is prohibited from misrepresenting the rights of occupants that are allowed to remain in their home even though they might be behind on their mortgage and in foreclosure;
  • The company must increase its oversight and quality control of its subcontractors;
  • Safeguard must maintain a 24-hour hotline for fielding consumer complaints; and
  • The company is prohibited from removing non-perishable and non-hazardous personal property prior to foreclosure unless it has a court order, and if Safeguard makes a mistake, it must restore a consumer’s possession of the home, restore utility service, and return or reimburse any personal property that has been removed.

The settlement requires Safeguard to submit to monitoring by Madigan’s office to ensure compliance with the settlement. The $1 million in payments to consumers will be distributed by Madigan’s office to consumers who filed complaints with her office over Safeguard’s practices.

Assistant Attorneys General Andrew Dougherty and Agnes Ptasznik and Bureau Chief Susan Ellis handled the case for Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau.

Draft Biden 2016 Responds to Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley Entering the 2016 Race

Posted by Admin On June - 4 - 2015 Comments Off on Draft Biden 2016 Responds to Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley Entering the 2016 Race

Draft Biden 2016, a SuperPAC organized to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the 2016 presidential race, welcomes the entry of former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders into the race.

“Republicans are gearing up hard for the 2016 Presidential Race. Every week you hear new candidates announce, candidates whose agendas for our country are scary. On the Democratic side you can just count on your hand how many people are running but it is refreshing to see the entry of Governor O’Malley and Senator Sanders,” said Draft Biden 2016 Executive Director William Pierce. “We expect there to be a rigorous debate within the Party about the future of our country, a debate we know the Vice President, with his decades of impeccable service as a Senator and VP, will be itching to enter.”

Founded in March, Draft Biden 2016 has tapped into strong currents of support for the Vice President around the country. They have found a hunger for a competitive Democratic primary in 2016, one with multiple serious contenders.

“Despite the movement of other candidates, there exists a strong hunger for the Vice President to enter the race,” continued Pierce. “Our online petition has garnered close to 50,000 petitions in just less than two months.”

Pundits fail to realize that since his last presidential run, Joe Biden served two terms as Vice President, a strong, vocal policy influencing advocate for the Obama Administration. He has just the experience needed to sustain the successes and address challenges.

Pierce articulated, “With high favorability ratings according to a Quinnipiac University Poll earlier this month, Joe Biden’s presidential polling is low but steady. However, it is crucial to note that Senator Bernie Sanders’ own polling rose as soon as he announced and we expect the same for Governor O’Malley, with poll takers apparently more comfortable to cast an opinion on announced candidates. We expect skyrocketing numbers for Biden once he announces.”

Buoyed by the positive response nationwide, the group continues to organize in Iowa, with a growing list of endorsers and planning a Davenport rally in late June. The group will move on to organize in New Hampshire and South Carolina; in the latter state, Dick Harpootlian, former chair of the state’s Democratic party, is advising the Biden group. Harpootlian told The Daily Beast why he prefers Biden: “It’s the ability to speak to 25,000 people and have every one of them feel you’re speaking to them. Clinton had it, Bush had it, Obama had it, Reagan had it. Joe Biden has it—he can bring people to tears. [Hillary] ain’t got it.”

About Draft Biden

Draft Biden 2016, a SuperPAC organized to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the 2016 presidential race, is spearheading the charge to help ensure that Vice President Biden has the necessary amount of support needed to be able to run for President in 2016.

Beginning last month with former staffers and campaign veterans, Draft Biden 2016 is pushing their online petition with supporters and allies. The petition has gathered close to 50,000 signatures so far.

The group is organizing in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in anticipation of the Vice President entering the race.

University of Chicago Uses Extreme Force to Shut Down Peaceful Sit-in & Arrest 9 Trauma Center Activists

Posted by Admin On June - 4 - 2015 Comments Off on University of Chicago Uses Extreme Force to Shut Down Peaceful Sit-in & Arrest 9 Trauma Center Activists
Letters to Editors

From: Trauma Care Coalition

Firefighters Break Windows, Tear Down Walls, to Remove Protesters Requesting a Meeting with UofC President Zimmer

CHICAGO, IL – At 6 P.M. yesterday, the University of Chicago Police Department sent in Chicago Firefighters to the UofC administrative building to cut through drywall with axes and break through glass windows with crowbars and a power saw.  Protestors had been peacefully sitting-in the building to protest the U of C’s refusal to open an adult trauma center.

Nine arrests have been made and all nine activists are being held at the 51st and Wentworth jail.

“The Trauma Care Coalition is horrified by the course of action that the University of Chicago chose to take in the face of peaceful protest,”  said Veronica Morris-Moore, a leader from the Trauma Care Coalition, adding that she was “scared by the University’s use of force.”

Student organizer Anna Nathanson agrees: “I was terrified of the UofC administration today. Not only do they refuse to open a level one trauma center, but they are not above terrorizing their own students engaging in peaceful direct action.”

The Chicago Fire Department smashed UofC administration building windows in the faces of Trauma Center activists as they peacefully asked for a meeting with UofC President Zimmer to discuss the possibility of opening an adult level 1 trauma center on the Side Side.

One bystander commented, “The University would rather have their property destroyed by the Chicago Fire Department than agree to meet with the Trauma Care Coalition.”

However, organizers plan to continue as scheduled with their planned disruptions of the alumni weekend celebrations.  Student organizer Aqsa Ahmad remarked, “Intimidation and repression from the University of Chicago will not stop our weekend of actions. There will be no more business as usual for President Zimmer until he agrees to meet with the Trauma Care Coalition”

Week of Action for #TraumaCenterNow During UChicago Alumni Celebrations

Thur 6/4:  6:30PM – Prayer Vigil, 58th & Maryland

Fri 6/5:    11AM – T-Shirt Action Calling for a #TraumaCenterNow (Location TBA

Friday Morning)

8PM – Large-Scale Visual Action for #BlackLivesMatter (details to be


Sat 6/6:  all morning – On campus protests and rallies (details to be announced)

Organizers are demanding that:

UofC open a level one adult trauma center now

UofC raise the age of the Level 1 pediatric trauma center care to 21

UofC President Zimmer set a meeting with the Trauma Care Coalition by the end of the week

UofC include community input in the current trauma center feasibility study

UofC agree to a comprehensive community benefits agreement on the Obama Library

The community’s demand for trauma care was sparked by the death of Woodlawn youth leader Damian Turner, and is led by the Woodlawn-based Fearless Leading by the Youth, along with the Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization, Students for Health Equity at the UofC, National Nurses United and many faith groups including the United Church of Christ.

The South Side is currently a trauma desert for adults, meaning that victims of shootings and other serious injuries must be taken over ten miles away, to the Near North Side or south west suburbs. The call for trauma care is also supported by a new study by the Illinois Department of Public Health which states that longer travel times to a trauma center increases the likelihood of dying, the study also states that the U of C is best positioned to expand access to trauma care, and that the U of C could further raise the age limit of their pediatric trauma center.

Illinois Department of Public Health Recognizes Asian American Public Health Champions

Posted by Admin On June - 4 - 2015 Comments Off on Illinois Department of Public Health Recognizes Asian American Public Health Champions

SPRINGFIELD, IL– The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) observed Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month by honoring Asian Americans who have dedicated their lives to public health.  Every May, IDPH takes the opportunity to celebrate the rich heritages and histories of this immigrant community by acknowledging the contributions the Asian-Pacific community has made to our Nation’s progress.

IDPH awarded six different Asian American Public Health Champions, across the state last month.  “The Public Health Champion award reflects the purpose of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, and honors remarkable individuals, celebrates their achievements, and recognizes their commitment to improving the health of Illinoisans,” said IDPH Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D.

The first three awardees were honored at the Wat Lao Budda Smaggi of Elgin on May 16.

Soukanh Thavisouk is a community health worker for the Laotian community. Thavisouk serves as Executive Director of Lao American Organization of Elgin, and works on health education and prevention programs focused on viral hepatitis B and colorectal cancer. He previously worked with the Young Women Christian Association as a job counselor to help incoming refugees from Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Sirivone Khamphouy (“Nok”) and Phouphachan Syliton (“Jith”) are volunteer community health workers with the Lao American Organization of Elgin. Both of these individuals have worked tirelessly to bring women’s health education to the Lao community in the western and northern Illinois counties. Nok and Jith have led the Silk Brocade Project, a unique culturally tailored program to help increase regular testing for mammograms and Pap smears to screen for breast and cervical cancer among Lao women.

The fourth awardee was honored at the Marshall Clinic in Louisville on May 20.

Dr. Jennifer Maneja was nominated for her diligent work in the rural communities of Clay County and the surrounding areas.  Dr. Maneja has served (unpaid) as Assistant Medical Director for the Clay County Health Department Hospice Program and as Medical Director for the Clay County Health Department Home Health Program.  She has also given presentations on a variety of subjects to other health professionals and the community.  Dr. Maneja is originally from the Philippines.  In September 2014, the Illinois Rural Health Association also recognized Dr. Maneja as a Physician of Excellence.

The fifth awardee was honored at Korean American Community Services in Chicago on May 27.

Grace Lee is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who has worked as a Family Counselor at the Korean American Community Services for the past three years.   Grace not only provides behavioral health services to individuals and families, but she also works with victims and child witnesses of domestic violence, clients with substance abuse issues, DCFS involved families, and is a school counselor in a suburban high school.

The sixth awardee will be honored at the Whiteside County Health Department on June 3.

Dr. Muhammad Salahuddin started at the Whiteside County Health Department/Whiteside County Community Health Clinic in February of 2006. Dr. Sala, as he is affectionately known, was instrumental in establishing policies, procedures, and quality control principals that set the stage for the Whiteside County Community Health Clinic to be recognized as a level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home in 2013. Further, Dr. Sala has gone back to Pakistan for weeks at a time to care for his family and friends back home.

IDPH thanks these awardees for their work ensuring that all Illinoisans receive high quality, comprehensive, and culturally competent health care and services.

David-Like Animation Studio Tackles Goliath 3D Projects

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Black-owned firm produces large scale animation via 3D projection mapping


Nationwide – “Our problem is we sound too good to be true,” says Maria Solomon, Head of EOS Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. EOS Studios is a woman-owned African American firm that produces large and small scale 3D Animation. EOS specializes in the emerging field of 3D Projection Mapping.

3D Projection Mapping, also known as video mapping, urban projection, architectural mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection-based technology that merges animation, motion graphics and special effects. 3D Projection Mapping is being used by movie makers, entertainers, artists, architects, designers and event planners as well as advertisers and marketers of all types to provide memorable messages through jaw-dropping 3D effects.

Maria explains, “Weve perfected a process where we can create 100% custom 3D Projection Mapping for any purpose you can imagine and do it at a level which would ordinarily take at least a half dozen Animators or more, which keeps our costs very competitive in the industry.” A full scale 3D Projection Mapping project can run deep into six figure territory.

Michael Solomon, Marias husband, is Lead Animator and Creative Director. He comments, “Our digital lighting partner is a well-established, industry leading firm – you want 3D projections mapped across the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument? Done. You want 3D projections mapped across a Football Stadium, Baseball Diamond, Basketball Court or Concert Venue? Done. You want 3D projections coming out of your kids toy box at home? Done.”

He continues, “In my opinion, not only is 3D Projection Mapping the future of marketing and advertising, 3D Projection Mapping is the future of entertainment as a whole. Its like mans discovery of fire all over again. Worldwide, weve only scratched the surface of what 3D Projection Mapping can do as an art and a science.”

For more information, visit www.eyeofsolomon.com or contact Maria Solomon at maria@eyeofsolomon.com

Photo Caption: Live 3D Projection Mapping demonstration: Building becomes an Aquarium

Money Is the Only Thing You Lose With Phony Weight Loss Products, Says Better Business Bureau

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CHICAGO, IL – With swimsuit season quickly approaching, now is the time when people are in a hurry to lose weight. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers of scammers selling phony weight loss products. Con artists create fake emails and websites to lure in buyers. The weight loss supplements are often filled with unauthorized endorsements from celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

The scam works when the recipient opens an email from a friend containing a short message saying “Breaking News” or a celebrity greeting. When the link is clicked it leads to a fake news website promoting a weight loss supplement filled with statements from doctors and established news reporters. Ads on the website often contain claims such as “1 tip for a tiny belly.”

“Scammers are hacking into email accounts and sending out messages to everyone on the victims’ contact list,” said Steve Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Consumers who wish to lose weight need to understand there are no magic answers to weight loss.”

These products may show unrealistic “before and after” photos, promise to burn as much as 25 pounds a month without diet or exercise,  guarantee permanent weight loss, fail to disclose whether results are typical or use logos of news organizations with fake or altered media coverage of the pills.

BBB has tips to how to spot a fake news site:

  • Be skeptical of exaggerated claims. Ignore any product that promises out-of-the-ordinary results or dramatic changes within a short period.  There are no instant fixes.
  • Be selective about your online research. Rather than doing a quick search through an online search engine, when you look for information on supplements, use respected websites run by the government, a university or reputable medical database.
  • Don’t believe what you see. The site may have the logo of a legitimate news organization and photographs of reporters, but this can be easily copied from the real website.
  • Look for “first-hand” experience. These sites typically contain articles where “reporters” write about their first-hand experience using the product. The reporter claims a dramatic weight loss – like 25 lbs over several weeks – with little or no change in diet or exercise.
  • The site has testimonials and “free” trail links. These fake news sites have testimonials or comments from supposedly satisfied customers on the site. The website contains links to other websites where you can buy the “weight loss” products or sign up for a “free” trial.

For more tips, visit www.bbb.org/chicago, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or add us on Pinterest.

UC President Urges State To Fund Expanded Enrollment

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New America Media, Question & Answer, Sandy Close

One of occasional series of NAM interviews with UC President Janet Napolitano.

UC President Urges State To Fund Expanded Enrollment

NAM: More students of color are graduating from California high schools than ever before who want to go to college. That’s good news. Is UC able to accommodate the demand?

Napolitano: We’re seeing increasing numbers of California high school students graduating…and they’re increasingly diverse. The fastest growing are Latinos, but we’re also seeing growth in applications from Asian Americans – Filipinos, Chinese, Vietnamese and others. More and more students are taking the required courses so they’re eligible and they’re applying. We want to enroll as many of these students as we can.

NAM: What are you asking the state to do?

Napolitano: We have a plan that would enable us to meet the demand. We’ve asked the legislature to increase state funding by $50 million this year and $50 million next year to expand in-state student enrollment by 10,000 students over the next four years.

NAM: What’s your read on what the legislature will do?

Napolitano: Sacramento has realized that higher education has to be a priority. I’m sympathetic to the legislators because they have so many conflicting demands.Nonetheless when you look at the prison budget and compare it to higher education, that needs to change. The legislators have the opportunity to expand enrollment to the best university in the world.

NAM: There’s some concern that students who do get accepted don’t get their first choice of campuses…They want to go to UC-Berkeley or UCLA but they are assigned to Merced.

Napolitano: The schools in the UC system are at different levels of maturation. The student experience at Merced is exceptional because it’s the newest campus and a smaller student body. Students who attend are pioneers, building the kind of legacy that the older campuses already have. The number one major at Merced is biology – so it’s drawing large numbers of students who want to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

NAM: UC is the premiere institution training the future educated class in California. What are you seeing that encourages you and what worries you?

Napolitano: Some 42% of our students are first-generation collegestudents. That’s an astounding number. Our applications are at record high numbers led by the growth in Latinos and Asians… I am worried about our African American communities. The number of African Americans going to four year colleges is dropping across the nation, particularly African American males. The dramatic increase in Latino enrollment reflects in part the growth in that population. That’s not been true for African Americans.

NAM: Is UC actively involved in trying to address these disparities?

Napolitano: We’re actively reaching out to communities across the state. There are so many families that think they can’t afford UC. We’re letting them know that we offer substantial financial aid…We’re also doing a lot with community colleges., We have identified community colleges that aren’t sending many students to UC campuses and we’re looking to expand that effort.

NAM: Many middle class parents feel their children won’t get into the UC—they’re not poor enough to get scholarships and they’re not rich enough to afford it.

Napolitano: Housing costs are a key factor since a number of our campuses are located in very affluent areas like La Jolla and Santa Cruz. We’re looking to build more housing dorm units. We’re also actively looking at ways to ensure students don’t graduate with debts, although I always remind students that getting a diploma with debt is very different than buying a new car with debt. With the diploma the value only increases, whereas the car loses value the minute you drive it out of the dealership.

NAM: More women are now enrolled in college than men. Are you seeing an emerging gender gap in UC admissions, with women on the ascendance and does that worry you?

Napolitano: That’s an important question. I want to look into that.

NAM: There’s some concern that foreign students and out of state students are taking up the slots of in-state students. What’s your perspective?

Napolitano: Foreign students, out of state students, enrich the entire college experience. UC is very much a global university.
I like to say that we teach for California, we research for the world.

NAM: CP Snow’s Two Cultures 70 years ago warned against an imbalance between science and the humanities in our culture. Today, we are witnessing technology in the ascendance, and the humanities feeling very threatened. What’s UC doing to address this?

Napolitano: One of our goals has to be to produce well educated people. There’s no question that students graduating with a computer engineering degree will earn more money
than the student with a degree in English. But there’s more to life than how much money someone makes.

NAM: What’s your greatest source of satisfaction after two years as UC president?

Napolitano: Furthering the mission of educating today’s students. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, and this is the most satisfying.

For more information, go to http://www.uc4ca.org

Cook County Hosts 2015 Vendor Fair on Contracting Opportunities

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Building on her efforts to encourage competition and promote transparency, Cook County Board President took part in a 2015 Vendor Fair on Wednesday. The annual event is part of a collaborative effort between Cook County and the City of Chicago aimed at providing useful information on how to do business with local governments.

The Vendor Fair provided a chance for outside vendors to learn about contracting opportunities with Cook County and the City of Chicago, as well as State, Federal and non-profit assist agencies. More than 1,000 participants preregistered for the opportunity to network with procurement officials, other business owners and numerous subject matter experts.

“Cook County wants businesses of all sizes to have an opportunity to grow and create jobs,” Preckwinkle said. “From workshops providing bidders with information regarding goods and services generally requested by Cook County to helpful tips for those seeking to participate in the County’s procurement process, we’re working hard to educate stakeholders on contracting opportunities.”

Under President Preckwinkle, the County has completely revamped its public procurement process to increase competitive bidding on County business while also increasing efficiency. Preckwinkle spearheaded changes to the County’s Procurement Code to improve enforcement of its M/WBE program and added reinforcement measures to the code, creating tools to support M/WBE firms and assist in promoting greater inclusion of these firms in a more transparent procurement process.

Additionally, a reciprocal certification initiative with the City of Chicago allows small minority- and women-owned businesses to be certified by just one government with the goal of cutting red tape to streamline the process.

“With a well-organized and effective procurement department we are now better equipped to work collaboratively with the City of Chicago and other agencies,” Preckwinkle said. “The City of Chicago and Cook County shared a building for decades but rarely shared ideas and resources. We are now working together to create efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars.”

49th Annual Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival Slated for June 13-20

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The oldest, continuous running bluegrass festival in the world returns to Brown County

NASHVILLE, Ind. – Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, the world’s oldest, continuous running bluegrass festival, will return to Brown County for a 49th year, June 13-20.  For eight straight days, over 70 bands will take the stage showcasing some of the best in bluegrass.

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Brown County is the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground, proud host of the festival. Dedicated to the memory of Bill Monroe, trailblazer and music legend, this unique venue has become known as the “Mecca of Bluegrass.”

Not only will the 49th Annual Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival feature performances by the biggest names in bluegrass, this family-friendly event also will include daily music and instrument workshops. A complete music line-up is available online at www.billmonroemusicpark.com.

Also returning to the festival for a 10th year is the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Youth Boot Camp. Led by Sarah Wasson and sponsored by the Central Indiana Bluegrass Association, the camp includes 15 hours of instruction, followed by a live performance on the Bean Blossom main stage by participating students. The festival also includes admittance to the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame Museum and a tour of historic Uncle Pen’s Cabin.

Well-known SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction radio host Kyle Cantrell, alongside the legendary Tommy Lamb and infamous Sam Jackson, will emcee the event. Sound will be provided by Tom Feller and J&R Productions.

Tickets for the festival range from $25 -$35 for daily tickets, $90 for three-day combo tickets (Thursday-Saturday), and $200 for all eight days. Individuals 13-16 years old receive $5 off per day and children 12 and under are free. Camping and ticket reservations can be made by calling 812-988-6422.

Fall in love with beautiful Bean Blossom just like Bill Monroe. Experience the Mecca of Bluegrass and become part of the tradition at the 49th Annual Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, June 13-20.

For more information on the festival, please visit www.billmonroemusicpark.com or call 812-988-6422.

About Brown County, Ind.: No matter what you’re looking for, escape comes naturally in Brown County. Eclectic boutiques and galleries, breathtaking scenery, welcoming accommodations, and endless outdoor adventures await in one of America’s original artists’ colonies. From art to the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and for most, it’s only a short drive away. Unplug from daily life and reconnect with one another as you experience the rustic beauty and artisanal charm of Brown County. Plan your escape today…you’ll be glad you did.

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