Immigrant Woman Need of Kidney Transplant Seeks Refuge and Community Support

CHICAGO, IL –Mara Lidia Moran Rosales, 23, a Central American immigrant woman from El Salvador, recently made a Youtube video imploring for help and support. She is currently under dialysis treatment, three times a week, and is in need of a kidney transplant. She states that she has no family or support and that it is not “easy to live in this way.” When asked, “what is she asking the community for?” She breaks into tears and states that the only thing she asks for is “to be helped. I would want to have a normal life like any other person, it is not easy…to all the people that are listening, watching this video, please lend me your support; I would greatly appreciate it, thank you” she concluded.

A Press Conference will be held Thursday May 7, 11a.m., at the El Cuanaco Restaurant, 6345 W. Grand Ave., in Chicago.

Father Jose Landaverde, a long-time Chicago activist who has fought for the rights of immigrants and has led several kidney-transplant campaigns fighting for the right of immigrants to have access to organ transplants, has summoned activist and community members alike to rally around Mara Lidia Moran Rosales in an ongoing fight to Save Lives. In a brief statement father Jose Landaverde states that “Marta needs our support due to her serious illness, her condition deteriorates day after day. For Marta, we the community are her only family here in the US. Therefore we call on the community to join the battle to save young Marta’s life.”

Here is the link to the video released by Marta Lidia Moran Rosales.

For more information, contact:Fr. Jose S. Landaverde 773-538-7414

Rosa Melendes al 312-428-1953