A Major Threat to Military Families: Tell the Senate We Should Protect Military Families From Predatory Lending Without Delay

From: U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (8th Congressional District)

Last week, we defeated attempts in the House to rollback important new rules that will protect military families from financial harm. Now, we have to take our fight to the Senate. Add your name.

Abusive lenders have long preyed on military families. They surround bases with misleading advertisements and charge heavy interest payments, causing unmanageable debt.

The good news is that the Department of Defense is working to prevent predatory lenders from targeting military families with high-cost loans. But banking industry lobbyists are trying to delay important new protections.

I introduced an amendment last Wednesday to immediately protect our service members from predatory loans, and it passed the House Armed Services Committee. Now, we need to ensure that members of the Senate stand strong against banking industry lobbying too.

Join me and VoteVets: tell the Senate we should protect military families from predatory lending without delay:


Predatory lending doesn’t just hurt military families – it threatens military readiness by affecting security clearances and even forcing experienced service members to leave the military.

When our troops work to protect our nation, they should not have to shoulder the additional burden of worrying about a bad credit report or the threat of potential foreclosure.