Rep. Flowers, Activist Lawyer, Minister Pushing for a Huge Voter Turnout Today!

Davis miffed at mayor for dissing black agenda

By Chinta Strausberg

Today’s special run-off will be high stakes politics in Chicago when thousands will trek to the polls to vote for the city’s next mayor—incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel or challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, and Rep. Mary Flowers (D-31st) late Monday night and attorney Naomi Davis are urging a huge voter turnout.

This will be yet another historic election since voters will either re-elect the city’s first Jewish or the first Mexican American mayor. Voter turnout is the key.

According to Jim Allen, spokesperson for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, an unofficial total of 142,344 early voting ballots were cast. There are also an unprecedented 18 aldermanic runoffs among aldermen who supported Mayor Emanuel. Tuesday’s political stakes are high.

“It is very important that everyone comes out and support Chuy for mayor of Chicago and to know that Chuy  and Hispanics are not our enemies,” Flowers said.  “Hispanic’s did not take away the jobs. They did not take away our schools or our hospitals,” she said.

“If we really want to make a change and are angry about what is happening in Chicago, we should all come out tomorrow and vote because he will be the mayor of all the people,” Flowers told this reporter.

“Rahm is always talking about what he gave us for free, but nothing is free. Everything comes with a cost. When he closed those 50 schools, Rahm destined those kids to a quality of life where they will never be successful,” charged Flowers. “No other community has experienced what the black community has and that is unconscionable.”

Referring to the civil rights gains African Americans have gained, Flowers said, “The gains we made over the last50 years, Rahm has set us back. That is the reason we need to come out and vote for Chuy because he will be the mayor of the 99 percent, not the 1 percent.”

Attorney Davis is founder and CEO of the Blacks N Green, and she is furious at Mayor Emanuel for allegedly refusing to fill out or accept their black agenda. She said Garcia did fill outthe black agenda questionnaire.

“The Black Agenda emerges from the issues of burning concern to the black community,” said Davis. “It is reflected in the 60 questions and 7 categories of the CBCO Municipal Candidates questionnaire.

“It will live as dynamic, holistic solutions,” she said. “It will be implemented systematically, collectively and tactically. Implementation will require self-help and fair government. The Black Agenda highlights the expectations, demands and responsibilities of those seeking to represent us in government as well as our own steps toward self-sustainability.

“We demand transparency, accountability and inclusion by government, and are prepared to monitor and remove those who deny us,” said Davis.

“In Chicago’s historic mayoral race, ‘It’s not the man. It’s the plan,’ and whether or not it supports our agenda.

“Chuy responded to our agenda. Rahm did not. Side deals do not constitute a ‘plan,” she said. “Voting our self-interest means only voting a roadmap that ends in our economic power as a people.

“Right now, blacks everywhere are in extreme crisis, needing a new way forward. Yesterday is gone and nobody owns tomorrow. It’s up for grabs. This is our manifesto moment. Taking it, we’ll make history remember,” attorney Davis stated.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, is more concerned about some blacks who may be accepting “gifts” in exchange for their political support citing the bible as labeling that “filthy money.”

“Some are misled by not even30 pieces of silver to give in exchange for their souls,” Bailey said. “What will a man give in exchange for his soul after he or she has prostituted themselves? When humans age hungry, some will give of themselves for bread on the table. I suggest that as the late Mayor Harold Washington used to say, ‘Take the money but…do the right thing and remain with character along with dignity .Vote,” he urged.

In the interim, there appears to be a mayoral lawn sign war going on in some black Chicago neighborhoods like along 55th Street near Indiana where someone keeps hiding Chuy signs between two blue and white Rahm signs or the many red and white “Fire Rahm April 7th” signs that are beginning to flood the community.

The polls open at 6 and close at 7 p.m.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: