Urban League Affiliates to Provide Digital Literacy Training Through Comcast Program for Expanding Broadband Access

NEW YORK — Hundreds of low-income families in 36 cities served by Urban League affiliates will receive digital literacy training and access to affordable Internet service and through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, program, according to National Urban League President and Chief Executive Officer Marc H. Morial

” At the National Urban League, we believe that every American should have access to the education, training, and tools they need to get a job.  We believe that broadband access at home is a critical component of that path to employment,” Morial said. “The National Urban League commends Comcast on its efforts to bridge the digital divide and on the success of their Internet Essentials program in connecting 450,000 families, or 1.8 million low-income Americans to broadband.”

Comcast’s Internet Essentials is designed to expand broadband adoption among low-income American households with at least one child eligible for free or reduced price school lunches.  In addition to internet service and print, online and in-person training, families have the option to purchase a computer for less than $150.

“As America transitions to a tech-enabled economy, we must close the digital divide in order ensure that our communities are not left behind,” Morial said. “ As the nation’s largest broadband adoption program, Internet Essentials is a model for how Tech companies can work with National leaders and local community organizations to bring communities online to drive job growth, incubate minority-owned businesses and improve education outcomes. ”

36 Urban League Affiliates have received grants from the Comcast Foundation to provide digital literacy training in their communities:

  1. Atlanta Workforce Development Board
  2. Greater Sacramento Urban League
  3. Houston Area Urban League
  4. Indianapolis Urban League
  5. Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League
  6. Minneapolis Urban League
  7. Springfield Urban League
  8. Tacoma Urban League
  9. Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts
  10. Urban League of Greater Atlanta
  11. Urban League of Greater Hartford
  12. Urban League of Hudson County
  13. Urban League of Metropolitan Denver
  14. Urban League of Middle Tennessee
  1. Urban League of Portland
  2. Chattanooga Area Urban League
  3. Grand Rapids Urban League
  4. Greater Washington Urban League
  5. Knoxville Area Urban League
  6. Memphis Urban League
  7. Northern Virginia Urban League
  8. Trident Urban League
  9. Urban League of Broward County
  10. Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh
  11. Urban League of Greater Richmond
  12. Urban League of Madison County
  13. Urban League of Palm Beach County
  14. Fort Wayne Urban League Inc
  15. Urban League of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan
  16. Urban League of Northwest Indiana
  17. Urban League of Springfield
  18. Chicago Urban League
  19. Southwestern Michigan Urban League
  20. Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
  21. Urban League of Philadelphia
  22. Urban League of Southwestern Fairfield County