The Harold Washington Legacy Committee Asks Churches to Remember Harold

CHICAGO, IL – The Harold Washington Legacy Committee has designated Sunday, April 26th as  “Mayor Harold Washington Day,” Josie Childs, president/founder of the Committee announced late Monday night.

“We want the churches to lift up the name of Mayor Washington to honor his legacy, and we want the younger people to know who Mayor Washington, the first African American may or Chicago, was and his accomplishments.

“We want them to know about the diverse coalition that elected him. That is important because Mayor Washington said, ’Chicago is one city. We shall work as one people for our common good and our common goals,’” said Childs.

“We are asking churches to do whatever they choose in lifting up Mayor Washington’s name. We want older people to remember and younger people to learn what his legacy is and what he meant to this city,” Childs said.

“Even though Mayor Washington is no longer with us, his visionary plans for the future of this city continue even with this administration. To me, that says Mayor Washington left a road map for us to follow,” said Childs.

For further information, call Jose Childs at 773.643.4828.