Urge Senate Republicans to Confirm Loretta Lynch’s Nomination Without Delay: Sign The Petition

Letters to Editors

From: U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy

Breaking news: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced just yesterday that he’ll finally schedule a vote on Loretta Lynch to be our next attorney general.

It’s been four long months since President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to be our next attorney general. She’s been through confirmation hearings, meetings with individual senators, thorough vetting — and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support.

And still, Senate Republicans dragged their feet on her nomination — the longest confirmation process in over 30 years. Loretta Lynch is one of the best qualified and most experienced nominees for attorney general we have ever seen, and the Senate should confirm her right away.

Let’s take this opportunity, right now. The American people deserve to have Loretta Lynch as their next attorney general, and she deserves Senate confirmation — immediately. That’s why we are joining together and starting a petition calling on Senate Republicans to confirm Loretta Lynch. Will you sign on?

Click here to urge Senate Republicans to confirm Loretta Lynch’s nomination without delay.

We are both impressed with Loretta Lynch’s remarkable credentials. She’s a straight shooting federal prosecutor with a sterling reputation. Loretta has brought countless terrorists and cyber-criminals to justice, and she absolutely has what it takes to become our nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Despite all of this, Republicans have delayed her nomination. It’s just not right. Our country deserves to have Loretta Lynch as our attorney general.

Will you sign the petition today?

Demand that Senate Republicans confirm Loretta Lynch without delay.

We have an opportunity, right now, to honor the legacy of Selma that so many of us celebrated over the weekend. Let’s take this moment to come together and confirm the first African-American woman attorney General in U.S. history.

Thank you for taking action,

Dick Durbin Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator U.S. Senator