Youth Emulate What They See! I Ask: What are They Seeing?

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President, PCC Network

In that youth emulate that which they see, they should be taught from the cradle to consider the many true and rich values in life.

In the years of instructing troubled youth, I’ve always taught them that you must first obey the principles of the landlord of whose house you live in. I rather speak of the True and Living Landlord of this planet earth of which we live.

When we purchase earthly properties, we desire for tenants to keep that property in top-shape with all due diligence to keep it clean. Well, such as it is with God, who allowed us to become inhabitance of this vast universe and while enjoying… to keep the vessel (body) pure. Young men and women, the precious vessel that we live in should not be destroyed by crime, drugs and violence. The heavenly landlord would be most unpleased!

Youth must first hear—then adhere to God’s principles that will entitle them to share the very best in this life. Teach our children to honor the breath that has been given to them and to others… don’t seek to rob that which God has given—for they shall reap what is sown?

We on this planet have been ordered by God to enter into His Gates… His Courts… and, to know that it is He who has made us and not we ourselves.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Broadcast Network