Don’t Gut Obamacare: Sign the Petition

Letters to Editors

U.S. Senator Al Franken


I know our warnings about right-wing attacks on the Affordable Care Act can seem like the boy who cried wolf. But the wolf just made its case in front of the Supreme Court.

The latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act could lead to disastrous consequences for millions of Americans — doctors, patients, and workers alike. The case is in the hands of the court, but it’s important for the grassroots to make their voices heard.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to sign my petition supporting access to affordable health care.

Health care comprises almost 18% of our GDP. Undoing a major component of the Affordable Care Act could have disastrous consequences for individuals, families, and for the entire American economy.

We need to speak up today with as many clicks as possible in favor of preserving access to affordable health insurance coverage.

So click here right now and your name to mine! Then share this effort with your friends and family. We need everyone’s help on this!