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From: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Analysis of the Department of Justice’s Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department

What this report does, is give in particular detail, social and statistical data that shows  Ferguson’s Black community existing under a state of siege; it is costing them their lives  and their democratic right to be free of racist-driven police repression.

The report shows a community being looted by police officials and the municipal court  under the guise of traffic tickets and municipal fees. But, after having done this, the DOJ  evades the exercise of the authority it has to stop these unconstitutional violations of civil  and human rights in Ferguson. It is not using its authority and constitutional obligations to  intervene. It basically exempted Darren Wilson from prosecution, based on the same  evidence and factual allegations presented by Ferguson authorities and the St. Louis  County Prosecutor. This is serious. There is no dispute that Michael Brown was unarmed  or that he was shot multiple times and that there was conflicting eye witness testimony, or  that he laid in a pool of his own blood for several hours-yet the DOJ found no probable  cause or reason to take this matter to the Federal Grand Jury. The DOJ presents  compelling evidence showing that Ferguson’s police are quick to use force yet they make  no claim that excessive force was used in Michael Brown’s case.

Here in Chicago we have brought to the attention of the DOJ sixty five cases of police  crimes involving murder and torture. Flint Farmer’s murder was recorded on a police  video camera over three years ago and the FBI is still investigating. There is also plenty  of distrust in our communities regarding the conduct of the DOJ when it comes to police  killing Black people.

How does it come to pass that the police have this tyrannical authority to trample on our  liberties and deny us the right to life?

We have seen this before. We saw it in the South doing the Jim Crow era when Black  people repeatedly appealed to the Federal Government to intervene and stop the  lynching, to stop the state and local police from forcing us to live under a virtual police  state. A police state where we lived under the most horrid economic and social  conditions, while being denied the right to protest and organize to change those  conditions.
We are now in a similar historical bind like we were in the fifties. No level of government  has the will to deal with our plight, as a people so we must organize in our communities  an uprising against these conditions. Organizing that turns victims into freedom fighters.

The report (Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department) is 105 pages long and it is  no more revealing than someone saying a Zebra has stripes; there is nothing in it that  surprises us for we have been telling the DOJ for years that the practices of law  enforcement is driven by racism. Ferguson is not unique. Ferguson is what is going on all  over this country and we are saying to the government, in the words of Eric Garner, THIS  ENDS TODAY!

In Chicago we are Ferguson magnified many times. In the last seven and half years over  120 people have been murdered, 74% were African American, and 14% Latino*. But the  first thing we did right was when we started to fight in 2012 for an elected Civilian Police  Accountability Council (CPAC). We are fighitng for community control of the police, for  real power to hold police accoutable for their crimes.

We the people need to put an end to police crimes and that process starts in earnest  when we get the City Council (here in Chicago) to Pass the Ordinance that will create an  elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC)!


*Independent Police Review Authority, http://www.iprachicago.org/resources.html (03/08/2014)

Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Stop Police Crimes Campaign


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