International Working Women’s Day Chicago Rally!

Join FURIE Chicago for a rally at the Haymarket Memorial followed by a march to Union Park.

CHICAGO, IL – This Sunday, March 8th, Chicago organizers with the Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation (FURIE) are hosting a rally and march to reclaim the revolutionary history of Women’s Day. The group, their supporters, and Chicagoand from all walks of life will rally at 3:30 PM at Chicago’s Haymarket Memorial, 175 N. Desplaines, before marching to Union Park, located at Ashland and Lake streets.

“Without women, there can be no revolution!” says Brit Schulte, an organizer of Sunday’s march. “Chicagoans are marching on International International Working Women’s Day to show that women are the driving force behind social change.”

In 1910, at the Second International Conference of Working Women, German revolutionary Clara Zetkin brought forward the question of organizing an International Working Women’s Day. The conference decided that every year, in every country, they should celebrate on the same day a “Women’s Day” under the slogan “The vote for women will unite our strength in the struggle for socialism.” The March 8th holiday became a day to mobilize working class women against capitalism.

In March of 1917 (late February in the old Russian Calendar) Russian women workers lead a mass strike for bread and peace that began the revolution, the first and only example we have when the working class successfully came to power.

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Organized by:

FURIE – Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation

Co-sponsoring Organizations:

Chicago IWW

Chicago Socialists – ISO

Chicago Socialist Party

American Party of Labor

UIC United Faculty Local 6456

UIC Graduate Employees Organization