State Senator Forby Questions Constitutionality of Right to Work Zones

SPRINGFIELD, IL – In the ongoing fight to protect working families from overreaching anti-employee initiatives, State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) sent a letter to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to inquire about the constitutionality of right-to-work zones.

Across the country, right-to-work laws have crippled unions’ ability to protect workers’ rights. Studies of other states concluded that right-to-work laws drive down wages and benefits and do not improve a state’s business climate or create jobs.

Governor Bruce Rauner wants to experiment with their anti-worker policies at the state level.

“Right-to-work zones are the opening shot to roll back the protections we take for granted,” Forby said. “I want to know if the Governor’s proposal is constitutional because it doesn’t seem legal.”

Workers living in right-to-work states earn about $1,500 less per year than workers in states without these laws.

“Our economy is finally getting back on its feet,” Forby said. “Right-to-work zones mean a pay cut to the middle class, which goes against what the people in Illinois voted for last November.”