Rev. Eric Hafner Urges Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to Commute Sentence of a 57-Year-Old Senegalese Immigrant “Wrongly Convicted” of Murder

From Reverend Eric Hafner

Dear Editor,

Colorado Governor (John) Hickenlooper should commute the sentence of and pardon Mr. Samba Kane, a 57-year-old Senegalese immigrant who was wrongfully convicted of murder and unjustly sentenced to life
imprisonment, without the possibility of parole in 1999.

Mr. Kane has since served 17 years in state prison, with a perfect
record of good behavior.

Mr. Kane was arrested in Adams County, Colorado (near Denver) after
being forced to defend himself by shooting a Nigerian man who had
attacked him after Mr. Kane walked into his own bedroom and caught the Nigerian man having sexual relations with his wife.

His wrongful conviction was the result of poverty, racism and a poor
understanding of a confusing foreign legal system with a different language.

A pardon would allow Mr. Kane, an honest hard-working immigrant whose American dream turned into a kafkaesque nightmare to return to his home county of Senegal, Africa.

I urge all concerned to call Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s office
at 1 (303) 866-2471 and tell him to free Samba Kane.

Rev. Eric Hafner
Boulder, Colorado