When Speaking Of God’s Miracles: A Personal Account Through the Eyes of a Devout Christian and Missionary

Author Juanita Bratcher Pens New Book: “Mine Eyes Have Seen God’s Miracles”, A Personal  Account Through the Eyes of her Mother Who Outlined “Miracle After Miracle” That God Showed  Her In Her Quest To Become A Christian

By Juanita Bratcher

Author, Publisher & CEO, CopyLine Magazine

Last week, after finishing my seventh book, “Mine Eyes Have Seen God’s Miracles,” I took a deep breath, looked across the room at a family member and said, “This is no ordinary book; this book is very special. Right now, God is smiling on me, and I feel good and am smiling, too. I’ve fulfilled my mother’s wishes to share with the world her personal experiences with God as a devout Christian and missionary.”

Indeed it is a special book!  A book that was written by my mother, Tommie Sean Forte, a variety of in depth content and an introduction by Author Juanita Bratcher, and introductions by Rev. Hiram Crawford, Sr., Israel Methodist Community Church (now deceased) and Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President, Probation Challenge.

This “precious” book was discovered by me and my three siblings after mom’s death in 1995. It was buried amongst so many other paper items we came upon while cleaning out the house she had resided in for more than 50 years, and a house we resided in as young children.

None of us (her four children) knew that mom was in the process of writing a book. But she made note in her book that for several years her conscience kept bothering her to write about her Christian experience with God. “And I knew within myself, that if I didn’t put it in writing during my lifetime, and my life was over in this world, my noble experience with God would die along with me.”

Forte further stated: “…There was that realization within me that every Christian should give testimonies of their experiences with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

In the book, she points out several miracles God showed her, stating that she saw miracle after miracle…and deep within her heart and soul, she knew those miracles were real.

Bratcher dealt with the emotions of losing a mother (most of it in poetry) describing the day of her mom’s death (November 24, 1995) as being “by far the saddest and darkest day of my life. Not only did I lose a mother, I lost my best friend and biggest cheerleader. ”

Forte was brought up in a Christian home which she was proud of, she noted, adding that her greatest joy was the day Jesus came into her life.

She was a devout Christian, a true missionary in every sense of the word, spreading the word of God to thousands of others – sinners and Christians alike.  God was second to none in her life,

Tommie Sean Forte at the time of her death was Mother of the Church, a member of the Eastern Star, a member of the church Senior Choir, and served on several church committees and boards during her more than 40-year tenure with the church.

A Brief Outline of Some Chapters in the Book:

In My Sorrow, I Searched For God

If There Were A God, I Had To Find Him

God Showed Me Signs Of His Greatness

Some Of God’s Children Are Falling By The Wayside

A Christian That’s “Shouting Happy”

A Child Christian With Heavy Burdens

Forte gave in depth details about miracles that God showed her and talked about angels who came into her room and healed her when she was very ill and could not turn herself over or get out of bed.

For information on how to obtain the book, requests can be made to 773.375.8127, or juanitabratcher@yahoo.com or copylinemagazine@yahoo.com.

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