ABC Debate Notes Leaked to Garcia Campaign

CHICAGO, IL – ABC, the League of Women Voters and Univision confirmed to mayoral campaigns late Tuesday that debate notes and potential questions for candidates had been leaked to the Garcia campaign.  Because of this leak, the sponsoring organizations sent all campaigns the notes and questions in a good faith attempt to level the playing field.

However, these actions raise serious questions that are yet unanswered for Thursday’s debate:

·        Who from the sponsoring organizations gave the Garcia campaign working documents and potential questions?

·        How long did the Garcia campaign have the working documents and potential questions?

·        Who from the campaign had access to the notes and questions?

·        What actions are being taken to ensure that this does not happen again?

·        What faith do candidates and viewers have that Mr. Garcia’s campaign is not receiving further help in this debate and others?

“These revelations are troubling and really demonstrate the power of the political machine in Chicago,” said Michael Kolenc, and advisor to Fioretti’s campaign.  “This is the same kind of back-room shenanigans that have put Chicago in the mess we are in now.  Mr. Garcia owes Chicagoans an explanation.”