When Arrogant Youth Say – I KNOW THAT! Ask if They Know About Jail and Prison!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge

CHICAGO, IL – Have you ever taken the time to note that some troubled youth won’t bother to consider sound educational judgment before declaring … I know that!  Now, let’s observe a matter, the hard-core-truth about that troubled youth mostly under the age of 18-years just arriving on the face of the earth… know it all! Something is radically wrong with this know-it-all theory while some parents have allowed it to prevail far too long!

I humbly suggest that caring parents and or guardians mandate that their youth sit down for a one-on-one conversation which should be a truthful tell it all journey. Tell about the complexities of life and how the many conspiracies lay in wait which are designed with them in mind! Let trouble youth and those who are not so troubled know that unmistakably conspiracies don’t fall from the sky, but are placed into various avenues of life — ear marked for certain bodies of people. And done by conspirators.

Who are some of the Conspirators: Most are unscrupulous backroom legislative prostitutes along with other hidden hands serving only to make merchandise of African American and Hispanic youth! These panhandlers sell to the justice system without reservations the undereducated poor African American and Hispanics.  By large, those filtering through the system are:

1. Blacks

2. High school dropouts

3. And from a one-parent family.

Motivation to conduct such actions are often in behalf of an influential organization or for an individual’s (financial) gain. It has been noted that political party members will ditto such actions. They are also those persons we continue to elect into public office.

If youth and adults genuinely knew the hard core truth regarding youth being orchestrated into things via crime, drugs and violence, and that their actions would escalate them into deviate matters warranting court action and its final decision. They (youth) are placed on a modern day slavery auction block, where their freighted minds, bodies and souls are bided on via the courts for the jail or prison systems. If young men and women can rationalize with these truths, maybe they could avoid the justice system and perhaps turn new found intelligence into valid votes!

Underhanded devices used to incarcerate any select or chosen body of people is a miscarriage of justice and should not be considered as honorable in the United States! Be careful not to turn heads away from such behavior to diminish a human race for such demonic behavior is documented to have taken place with the slaughter of Jews in Germany. It’s said that such mass killing could ever take place in the 21st Century… but it can to Blacks… if it’s allowed!

Be advised as to codes: The ‘P’ that was in Penitentiary is the ‘P’ that is in Prison, and was and is the same ‘P’ that’s in Plantation.

Let’s take a long hard look as to why a large majority of the powers that be tend to wink at troubled youth and their criminal behavior. Is it because the justice system has now become ‘wise’ as to the potential dollar revenue, and has now considered the need for a commodity? Blacks were a matter of selection, because the then large majority did not have an educational process to understand what was happening to them.

And because Blacks didn’t understand the lay of the land they fell through the cracks that were prepared—for them.

The Proof is: The United States government is building prisons based on third grade reading scores. Believe it or not, the government says they can conclude whether or not a child will go to prison at some given point. Question: Is this why the same government at some given point allows it to become difficult for Blacks to obtain a low level education? Illinois has refused to allow an educational component to be taught to Black students — although the law was passed — but never implemented. Is this fair governing?

Death Row: Starling figures suggest that something is acutely wrong with those who sit in administrative judgment over the lives of those who come before them. Example: As of December 10, 2014, there have been 150 inmates exonerated on death row in 26 states. Illinois had 20.  Blacks: 1, 267/41.75%. Thank God for his interventions!

Of course Blacks and Hispanics were then and are now deprived of a fair and equable education. Being unjust to underprivileged Blacks thusly allows an unfair disposition to come into play… one that means prisons would be the recipient of their bodies and souls! Meaning: As they drop out of the ‘conspired’ educational process … they so very easily drop into the Criminal Just Us System.

With a State and Federal Legislative understanding of how to present Slavery in a new fashion, Black youth now are increasing the legislative dollar amount needed for jail and prison responsibilities. However, more importantly, youth are arrested and found guilty, and are candidates for a long stretch in the penal system… and have only to look forward to a painful (sleeping on your back) experience in the criminal just us system?

Youth and adults need to know a thing called reality! There is a war going on regarding lives…human lives. The prison people business is so great that outside influences are now competing to get a share.

Approximately 12%-13% of the American population is African-American, but said to make up 40% of the almost 2.1 million male inmates in jail or prison (U.S. Department of Justice, 2009). Census data for 2000 of the number and race of all individuals incarcerated in the United States revealed a wide racial disproportion of the incarcerated population in each state: the proportion of Blacks in prison populations exceeded the proportion among state residents in twenty states.

Trouble youth without realization are not playing the system as they believe… but the money making system is playing a tune much louder than theirs, plus the system has already played them and all of us!

Inmates pay the salaries of every jailer, court-reporter, correctional officer and many other criminal justice staff persons.  However the brilliant inmate who ‘knows it all’ will not draw a mere cent. It is also fair to note that most prisons are located in Illinois downstate communities, where mostly whites are hired. These same communities were also known to have affection for the KKK and Skin-heads activities. Places of confinements are placed so far away from the main stream city that an inmate’s family is seldom able to visit.

The federal government has prohibited placement of youth in adult jails and prisons. The U.S. has promoted law reform separating youth from adult prison populations in other countries, however, the practice continues at the state level where youth tried as adults are routinely subjected to adult criminal sentences and incarcerated in adult facilities.

Because of my past experience as a 15-year member and chairman of the Chicago/Cook County Board of Corrections, 15 years with the Cook County Probation Department, and 35 years as president of Probation Challenge, I tend to look at things extremely close and for apparent reasons… Simply because I’ve discovered that people sitting in high places will play games when it come to African Americans, followed by Hispanics.

Things that should have been brought to the public’s attention years ago by elected officials have not been uttered! Have African American and Hispanic leaders gone to sleep at the switch or merely choose to wink because it’s not advantageous to speak against such matters … because of financial and political reasons?

It is stated that this practice violates the human rights of thousands of youth each year and places them in grave danger of other human rights abuses including physical and sexual abuse by corrections officials and inmates and abusive use of electro-muscular disruption devices (EMDs) also known as Tasers and solitary confinement.

The 2015 local and national elections should reflect at least a semblance of sanity, which then could order a brighter future for our children! We must elect candidates with brilliant foresights! Why? We in these United States, the land of the free, cannot continue warehousing youth for financial reasons… yet continue to refuse them an honest educational opportunity! We might be pleased to give youth an option … jail or education… you might be surprised to know they need to be educated as to the difference!

The plantation era which constituted housing colored folk for the purpose of forced labor along with demeaning chores … were to have been outlawed by the Federal Courts! Slavery days that represented such degrading behavior are supposed to be over—but are they? The State of Illinois can mandate by reason of law that youth receive a certifiable education which will unshackle the individual from the bonds of true captivity.

Why is there such a tremendous fear regarding Blacks getting an education?  That’s because Education Brings About an Awareness. Awareness Brings On The Ability To Think!  And, When A Young Man or Woman Can Think, He or She Can ‘Prayerful’ Make Rational Decisions!