“Can We Really Afford Another Four Years of a Mayor Who Ignores the Voices That Matter Most in Education?” – Mayoral Candidate Bob Fioretti on Mayor Emanuel’s Education Policy

Fioretti’s  Statement on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Ed Policy Roll-Out

CHICAGO, IL – Much like he “launched” his campaign from a sound stage where reporters weren’t allowed to ask questions, Rahm Emanuel released his education platform at a carefully scripted invite-only event. He may say we need to put education first, but his actions in the last four years – closing 50 public schools to favor charters, gambling with our tax dollars on Wall Street, and slashing much needed resources from struggling neighborhood schools – say something different.

Can we really afford another four years of a mayor who ignores the voices that matter most in education? Students, parents and teachers should not be shut out of the debate in favor of a few hand-picked representatives that merely parrot his platform.  We need a new direction at CPS, and voters will have their say this February.

Fioretti’s education policy can be found at http://bobfioretti.com/issues/education/